Thursday, 29 March 2012

It's nearly 'that' time... come on be honest!

This is what seems to have become a daily ritual in my house when it's nearly 'that' time.

Quickly unload the dishwasher and re-pack with the days used pots and pans, run the hoover round and if time dab part of the floor with the mop, spray anti-bacterial spray and give everything that 'I've been cleaning all day look'.  Rush and hang out the washing that has sat in the basket drying itself.

Bin the rubbish, tidy the toys, think about dinner and if lucky put the oven on.  Turn off the computer screen.  Put some toilet cleaner round the rim and anti-bacterial spray in the air.


Because I have played with my son, been to the park, blogged when Little Man asleep, talked on the phone, ignored the housework (Geeze it will still be there tomorrow) and before I know it 'that' time will be here.....

The time when my Husband gets home!!

I am sure I am not the only one. Come on be honest.... any more tips you can offer a non-domestic Goddess?

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