Saturday, 17 March 2012

It takes a lot to shock me but...

Today was one of those days when I was.  Pre-teen wanted to meet up with some of her school friends in a town about 15 miles away so I agreed to drive her and stay in town whilst she spent a few hours with some girls from her year.

We got to town and she went off with her friends and I happily went for some retail therapy.  When I was browsing the shops I noticed how many groups of young children, younger than Pre-teen were out together.  Primark and New Look were chock full of youngsters spending money.

When Pre-teen and I met up again we decided to go for something to eat and this is where my shocking experience started.  We sat down to eat and a group of 5 children, I would say about 10 years old and certainly not old enough by the looks of them to be in Senior school, came in and sat down on the table over from us. Nothing unusual you would say but what happened next shocked even me.

One of the boys and one of the girls from the group shared a chair and the boy started to feed the girl with her food.  In between mouthfuls the two started kissing whilst their 3 friends sat and looked in opposite directions.  The act, for me, was way too old for their tender years and the kissing continued as they were obviously out on their own without parents.  I couldn't help but witness the fondling and kissing that followed as they were right in my view no matter where I looked thanks to the mirrors on the wall of the restaurant.  Is this what happens on Saturdays when children meet their friends?  For me it was the fondling that shocked me.

Where do children go from there?  Does kissing and fondling in public mark their limit?  Do they think this is what they should be doing or am I way behind the times by accompanying my child whilst in town (ok we were in different areas but I was still always within 10 minutes walk from wherever she may be) I know I spent a couple of back row in the cinema moments in my teens but I was at least 14 or so before I even thought about anything near what they were doing!

Today was an insight into Junior school aged children that had me shocked.  I was left wondering if their parents realised what their children were up to this afternoon. I bet the Mother of a child in another parentless group would be so proud of her son smearing tomato ketchup from a sachet all over the inside of the window of the restaurant! A sign of the times?