Saturday, 10 March 2012

Happy hens make happy eggs, quiches, scotch eggs and more

No matter how tight money can get one thing I don't compromise on is free range eggs.  OK caged hens eggs may be cheaper but for me its free range only.

The Happy Egg Company share my views and now have a range of savoury treats to add to their free range eggs.  We have been sampling the single serve quiches, twin pack Scotch Eggs and 12 pack Savoury Eggs - happy days!

The multi pack of 12 Mini Savoury Eggs were the first to be put to the taste test.  I regularly buy supermarket own brand mini eggs and even at first sight the Happy Eggs version looked more appetising.  My normal brand has breadcrumbs but when taste testing Happy Eggs version the coating around the outside was less crunchy and the breadcrumbs tasted much better.  The whole savoury egg was less 'compact' and I have to say I really did prefer the Happy Egg version although price wise they are more expensive.

Delicious savoury coating...
The larger version Scotch Eggs followed with the same delicious outer coating and I put them to the test in the childrens lunchboxes.  Both reported different views on them, Middle Son preferred the outside but wasn't keen on the egg and Pre-teen loved the egg and wasn't keen on the outer coating - shows we all have different tastes.  I really liked them although I did find the eggs a little large and had to cut one in half.

Lastly we tried the single serve (individual) Quiches, Cheddar and Bacon and also Cheddar and Spring Onion.  The pieces of bacon in the cheddar and bacon quiche were a good size and tasted delicious.  I wasn't as keen on the cheddar and spring onion variety but that was just personal taste.  Both varieties heated up and browned well in the oven in no time and size wise were spot on for an individual portion.

As with all the Happy Egg range there are no artificial colours or sweeteners and of course they contain free range eggs from their 'happy hens'.

Although slightly higher in price than own brand ranges I have to say from a taste point of view I much preferred the Happy Egg versions.  Interesting to see there is also a range of Deli Fillers for sandwiches which I will be looking out for in the future.

I feel happier if the hens are happier to!