Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Drift off to sleep with Slumber Slumber innovative sleep solutions

How many of us like to go to sleep listening to music?  I know my teenagers do but I usually end up having to untangle them from their headphones once they have drifted off.

Slumber Slumber has a clever and innovative solution to tangled headphones.  The Stereo Pillow Speakers are a set of small flat speakers that fit discreetly underneath your pillow and allow you to listen to music in bed. The 4ohm, 2 watt speakers are designed to ensure great sound quality even under your pillow.  We have been trying them out and Pre-teen especially has found them really useful.

Stereo Pillow Speakers
The low wattage speakers are not only for music but also perfect for those people that listen to hypnosis  CD's when drifting off.  They can be used together under one pillow (great way to drown out a snoring partner!) or under two pillows so two people can listen together as the wire between the two speakers was generous.  Easy to use and adaptable to a variety of music sources through a standard jack connector.

Can be used under one pillow...

.. or wire extends between two pillows easily
The Stereo Pillow Speakers also mean that your iPod or MP3 can be put safely on a bedside cabinet so no risk of rolling onto it and breaking it - this was always a worry with Pre-teens iPod.  With the jack connection they could also be plugged into a radio and we are on the look out for a radio alarm clock that has a jack input as I think these speakers could also double up as a handy way of waking someone when the alarm goes off!

Available from Slumber Slumber for £20.00 and currently with free UK P&P.

Slumber Slumber also have a  variety of other sleep solutions including Light Therapy products such as the Lumie Bodyclock that allows you to wake naturally from your sleep using a 'sunrise' that gradually lightens to prompt your body to wake in a more natural way.  The Lumie Bodyclock can also use in 'sunset' mood to help you drift off to sleep whilst listening to your pillow speakers!

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