Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dirt Devil Tempest DCC070 cylinder vacuum cleaner - our thoughts

I am one of 10 bloggers putting the Dirt Devil Tempest (DCC070) through its cleaning paces. With a moulting dog, 4 children and 2 cats we know how to make mess that would make any vacuum cleaner shake with fear!

Dirt Devil Tempest DCC070 
The first thing I noticed was how quickly the cleaner was to put together. The weight of the cleaner itself was surprisingly lightweight. The handle design in particular was very good as it gave even weight distribution when being carried so great for carrying up and downstairs and perfect when you wanted to hoover the stairs and hold the machine at the same time.

The array of tools and attachments that came with the Tempest was impressive, including a carpet floor brush that was adjustable for use on both carpet and hard floors (we have both in our house), an Intense Turbo Brush which had a rotating hard bristled brush inside that was fantastic on stairs and for dog hairs.  The  accessory tools included a Crevice Tool (I found this great for cleaning down the back of the sofa and on car seats), an upholstery brush and a dusting brush for delicate areas such as keyboards and along the tops of curtain rails.

One of the worst things about hoovering in our house is the dog hairs.  We only have one dog but the amount of dog hairs that roll up the hall like tumbleweed anyone would think we had more than one and they have become my nemesis - I'm sure as soon as my back is turned the hairs multiply!  The worst areas in the house for this is the mat at the front door where the dog likes to sit and the dog bed.  The Intense Turbo Brush was perfect for cleaning these areas and although the following video doesn't show the hairs as clearly as I would have liked it certainly shows what the Tempest can do. You can hear how powerful the 2200 Watt Dirt Devil is.

I love the fact that the Tempest is bagless as I am too lazy busy cleaning to empty a bag and never remember to order more before I run out. I then find myself pulling dust out of the bag to make room inside it for me to hoover again.  This bagless cleaner means no more no more dusty bags to change and the Microban filter keeps dust in the air to a minimum and even the HEPA filter can be washed to make sure it is working effectively.

Emptying the dust canister is easy by releasing the catch on the top by the handle, removing the canister and then pressing the release catch (whilst holding over the bin!).  Dust will drop into the bin then its just a case of wiping the inside of the canister with kitchen roll or similar, closing the canister and replacing back into the cleaner.

Easy to empty dust canister
I could easily rave on for ages about the Dirt Devil Tempest as I didn't find much to not like about it (perhaps the hose could have done with being a bit longer for stair cleaning) so all that's left to really say is if you are looking for a powerful cleaner that is bagless, lightweight and does actually clean and hoover at maximum capacity every time then you can't go far wrong with the Dirt Devil Tempest.

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