Monday, 19 March 2012

Deluxe Charm Bracelets by MyStyle - our thoughts

With yesterday being Mothers Day, Pre-teen and I spent the morning making some bracelets using the Deluxe Charm Bracelets set by MyStyle.

Included in the set was an impressive selection of 7 different coloured polymer clays, 2 bracelets, eyelets, a selection of charms, 3 different types of glitter, 2 coloured foil rolls, toothpicks, dowels and a handy pink plastic case to store them all in.

Everything you need to make 40  beads
The basics of this set is to let your creativity go wild and design your own beads to thread onto the supplied bracelets.  There are a good selection of ideas in the colour instruction booklet to get you started.  By adding two colours of clay together you can create a stripy effect, swirls or just a new and unique colour bead.

You start off by combining your colours and adding glitter, craft foil or whatever else takes your fancy, roll the clay into a ball and thread onto the wooden dowel.  Add an eyelet each side by threading onto the ends of the dowel, reshape the clay if necessary and make sure all excess clay is removed from the middle of the eyelets (so they are easy to thread onto the finished bracelet) and ensuring the eyelets from either side touch in the middle of the clay.

Clay bead in place and eyelets threaded on.
At first we were making the clay balls too big but we soon got the hang of it and really liked designing our own colour and styles.  The glitter was easy to use and the craft case kept it all in one place.  Pretty soon we had beads of many combinations ready to go into the oven to 'set'

Our bead designs

15 mins in the oven
After the allocated 15 minutes are beads were ready.  At this stage after cooling it is suggested that the beads are coated with glaze or clear nail varnish (not included in set) to give them a shiny finish.  We threaded the beads onto the bracelets and adding some of the charms included in the pack we soon had two finished and totally unique bracelets.

We added charms to our beads when threading

Two totally unique Deluxe Charm Bracelets
I really enjoyed spending time with my daughter creating our charms and this is a great kit for girls aged 8 years +.  Perfect activity for a girls sleepover to just to brighten a rainy day. I would highly recommend it.
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