Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Why doing it daily has taken the enthusiasm away...

I love photography. An event, milestone or special moment captured forever in the click of a button.

I have taken photos nearly every day since my son was born 15 months ago and captured some precious memories. It is because of this that I am stopping my Project 366.

I have spent the last 30 days clicking and photographing my everyday life. As a SAHM I spend a huge proportion of my life staying at home (strange that!).  I have posted these daily and the one shocking revelation to me is that it has taken away my enthusiasm for taking photographs!

I have lost my photo mojo because it has become something I HAVE to do not that I love or want to do any more. It is great to see others daily insights but how long before I am capturing the exciting still life of my spider plant in the bathroom just so I can keep up the challenge and it is 11.50pm?  Yes it is a lovely spider plant but honestly do you REALLY want to see it?

I will continue to take photos, as I do enjoy it, but only when they need to be taken - quality not quantity as the saying goes.  So goodbye Project 366 and hello to new challenges. I shall catch up with those still doing the daily challenge - oh and here's that spider plant...