Sunday, 12 February 2012

Warner Brothers weekend: Journey 2 - The Mysterious Island review

Last night completed what has become a Warner Brothers weekend with a trip to the cinema to watch Journey 2 - The Mysterious Island.

Highlighting Little Man and his first trip to the cinema and with 3D glasses in hand we took our seats.  Journey 2 is a follow up to the 2008 film but you don't have to have seen the first one to enjoy this one. It stars the pectoral proud Dwayne Johnson (and yes he does get those pecs working in the film) and Josh Hutcherson who, in my opinion, is turning out to be a very good young actor.

It tells the story of Sean (Hutcherson) receving an encoded distress signal from a mysterious island.  As an adventurer Sean takes off in search of the signal and Hank, his new Stepfather (Johnson) unable to stop him joins him on his quest.  The film takes you on a journey (no pun intended!) through lush rainforests, volcanos and strange life forms.  It is an all action film that really grabs you and drops you in the middle of the island with them.  The 3D version was amazing and without wanting to spoil it for you, we felt we could fly on giant bees as well!

Michael Caine makes an appearance as Seans Grandfather and although at times I can find him a little 'wooden' as an actor he was perfect for the role. Heres a taster....

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My children were silent for the duration of the film (well not Little Man as at times he was a little in awe of the huge screen) and they thoroughly enjoyed Journey 2.

Middle Son classed it as "Awesome - best film I have ever seen!" and even when we arrived home he asked if we could get the DVD when it was released.... I think I can safely say he liked it.

Journey 2 is a rollercoaster ride through a magical adventure.  Although in one place I can think of it could be a little scary for younger viewers it kept your attention from start to finish.  If you are looking for a film to enjoy at the cinema over Half Term Journey 2 could be your answer.

Little Mans first experience of the cinema .. and 3D glasses!

Warner Brothers sent us a family cinema ticket to view the film but this did not influence my thoughts or opinions on the film.