Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Things I forgot about being a Mother to a toddler

Little Man is 16 months old *sob* and he is so close to walking I feel his frustration every time he loses his balance and drops to his nappied bottom.

Even though he is my fourth child I had forgotten a few MAJOR things about being the Mother to a toddler namely:

  • They never want to be held any more and wiggle like a snake to get to the floor.
  • Whining replaces babbling as their frustration grows.
  • Dust will be found and put instantly in the mouth.
  • The Sky box / dvd player / games console can and will be turned on and off hundreds of times a day.
  • They never just want to sit and have a cuddle any more and getting off the sofa to the floor is the ONLY thing in their lives.
  • Your feet are now targets for their prams and ride on toys.
  • Poo is to be investigated as nappies can now be removed by little hands *nice!*
  • Nappy change times are now a battle of wills and your toddler will win!
  • DVDs can make great frisbees!
  • A playpen is just a place to throw toys out of.
Today Little Man walked from one side of the room to the other and with the above memories of my older children coming flooding back I feel like ducking for cover!!