Sunday, 26 February 2012

Slimavite Challenge 2012 - Week 8

With last week being Half Term I completely forgot to update my Slimavite challenge.  Last week I stayed the same at 13st and 3lbs so this week I was determined to be more focussed on my Slimavite Bite Plan.

I have been suffering with a lack of drive recently and this has showed, I think, in my weight loss in 2012 so far.  I have not gained weight this year but my weight losses have been small 1lb or maintains so far.  It is hard with anything long term challenge to not get stuck in a rut and stick to the same foods and recipes.  I have tried a few new things this week and also gone back to using Quorn instead of minced beef as the fat content is much lower.

This week when I weighed myself I was 13st and 1lb so a 2lb loss for me this week.  I am really pleased as I hope it is the start of larger amounts of weight coming off since my 'plateau' recently.

Week 8 loss - 2lb
Weight left to lose til my target weight of 11 st - 2st and 1lb

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