Friday, 10 February 2012

Slimavite Challenge 2012 - Week 6

Last week I felt a bit down that my Slimavite weight loss is not going as well or as quick as last year.  Not matter what diet we follow our emotions have a lot to do with how and what we eat.

I received a lovely email from Slimavite saying I should be very pleased with the fact that I have already accomplished losing over 3 stone and not to be down on myself (in so many words) I was really grateful for the email as sometimes we look forward to what we want and are not always achieving and forget to look at what we have or are achieving.

I feel a little more positive this week and got out a pair of trousers that fitted me at the start of my Slimavite journey.  I tried them on and they were huge on me!  This was an instant way for me to see exactly how much I have already achieved and that diet plans can be measured in more ways than simply stepping on the scales...  I am looking forward to reaching my goal weight as I want to take a photo of me in those trousers so you can see in a photo how many inches I have lost whilst following the Bite Plan.

This week I weighed in at 13 st and 3lbs which is another 1 lb off and a step in the direction of my goal weight.

Week 6 loss - 1 lb
Left to lose - 2 st and 3 lbs

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