Thursday, 2 February 2012

The isolation being a SAHM Mum can bring

When I decided to stop taking part in the Project 366 challenge one of my reasons was because as a SAHM 90% of my time is spent within my own four walls.

Being a Stay At Home Mother is not endless days filled with coffee with the girls or Ladies Lunches, and it can be an isolating experience.  Days can be spent doing housework and waiting for your children to finish school or your partner to come home from work.  My photos in the Project 366 challenge were becoming just one more photo of my child at home.

It made me realise that I was isolating myself and my child and that my son had never been to playgroup or nursery, something that I did with my older 3 children.  I was guilty of the 'been there, done that' thoughts and this made me stay well away from local playgroups, when I had helped run them when the older children were small.  I was on school committee's and playgroup committees and my children were always surrounded by others.

Today I happened upon a friend in town who mentioned she was off to a local playgroup and I agreed to go along.  Like me she is a mature Mum and that made me take the step.

This was my sons first experience of play with children that were strangers and I didn't know their Mothers and it wasn't in one of our houses and he loved it!  He played alongside older and younger children and tried new toys and even sat at a table with the others and had a snack.  He joined in happily and I have to admit I even enjoyed the social ability to talk to another person during the day.

The strange thing was it was not as my preconceived thoughts said it would be - full of first time Mums far younger than myself.... there were 3 Mums there that had been there, like me, with their older children and I knew from that time round! Small world and a nice surprise.  So much so I will be taking the time to go next week and to try and put my preconceived thoughts further back in my head and enjoy watching my son just play.

There is life outside my four walls and I just need to look for it.

New toys and a new experience...

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