Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day - is there a Bah Humbug for that?!

So it's Valentines Day.  Hearts and flowers are everywhere, TV ads, films and radio.  Did you buy into the whole thing or do you have other views?

For me Valentines Day is a day full of faux love and fakeness - sorry! I am someone that believe if you can't show you love someone any and every day then just showing it on Valentines Day is just naff.  I used to dread it as a teenager, eagerly awaiting the day to see if I would get a card and usually not.  One year my Mum bought one and posted it through the door telling me it was probably from an admirer - I was elated until I realised it was from her and not that boy down the road as a teen it was not cool to get one from your MUM!

My Pre-teen daughter is off to the cinema today with card and Love Heart sweets in hand.  It is sweet to watch and I did not tell her my thoughts on the day save spoiling it for her.  I know his name is Jack that's it and I hope he has put the same effort into a gift as she (especially as I paid for it!)

So will I be receiving flowers, cards and chocolates today? Will I hell! Sorry florists but you will not be delivering here today...My husband is off out tonight to a meeting and although I got a "Happy Valentines Day - I Love You" off him as he left for work this morning I know that will be my lot and I am fine with that as he tells me and more importantly shows me how he feels.

What it boils down to for me is show your love every day not just because the day is Valentines Day!!