Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Do younger siblings get a tough deal?

When we were out in the car earlier, out of the blue, my Middle Son asked if he could have a party for his birthday this year.

When asked why he had brought it up he simply said "Because I have never had one"  I have to admit that this year he will be 11 years old and he has never had a party.

When my Eldest Son was born he had parties up till he was about 8 years old, Pre-teen had traditional parties till about 5 and usually does something, even if it is just a sleepover, most years.  Middle Son has had none of these things. As the 3rd of my 4 children he often feels the older ones get more than him.  It made me question whether being a child with older siblings means a rough deal?

First children tend to get many things, the experience is all new and for want of a better word, exciting.  With a 7 year gap till my second child it was like the first time experience all over again but with Middle Son just 26 months behind Pre-teen it was a lot harder to hold events with 2 children under the age of 5 and so the traditional party became a thing of the past, hence why Middle Son has never had one. I myself am the youngest of 4 children that are much older than I am and I was spoilt because I was the youngest - the baby.

Hearing Middle Sons party predicament left me with some questions... Is there a better place to be within your family unit?  Do you learn from your first born and so any following children benefit/forfeit from previous parenting experiences? Do eldest children get tougher boundaries because we are learning about parenting ourselves?

I think I need to look at a party for him this year....no matter how much hard work I know they are!