Saturday, 11 February 2012

Do you ever feel like hitting the 'delete blog' button?

My blog is a bit like my life.  It has ups and downs, good points and not so good, happiness and depression.

Recently I have been hit with a lot of insecurity about my blog and blogging in general.  Twitter can be a wonderful way of socialising as a person and posts on your blog with like minded people but I have been on Twitter a lot less recently.  Whether it is because I have been feeling a little low in mood or whether it is entangled with my insecurities about my blog I am not sure. I went through a phase of whenever I turned on my Twitter timeline there seemed to be someone being negative or was it just my negative frame of mind?

A few days ago I was hit with the thought 'Whats the point in blogging?'  I do not have a goal for my blog and it is a hobby that I have to say has captured my spare time more than any previous.  I suppose I am someone that likes a plan and blogging is not always like that but, in my case, stems from inspiration in my thoughts, actions or interaction from others.  I have been inspired by many other blogs and so when I had the cursor hanging over the 'delete blog' button I had to stop and think about what I would lose or gain by its deletion.

I have spent hours and hours adding posts and updates. Personal blog posts have, at times, reduced me to tears whilst writing them so instead of hitting the delete button I have revisited my old posts and it has made me remember what blogging is all about - life, sharing, interaction, commitment, therapy and that in itself seems to be a positive list of words.

Have you ever felt like hitting the delete button?