Monday, 23 January 2012

When did THAT happen?

I am hurtling towards 40 (next year) and one or two things I have noticed recently are quite alarming...

Catching myself saying to my nearly teenage daughter "Its school not a fashion show"

Finding and singing along to a song on Radio 2 !! Ok, ok I turned it over when I heard Chris Evans but the damage was already done...

Looking at a pair of slippers and thinking they look comfy.. COMFY come on what happened to killer heels and blisters? Or even taking off shoes altogether and walking home from a party barefoot (those were the days)

Seriously contemplating 'sensible' knickers but realising it may be all downhill from there and having an image of Bridget Jones pop into my head - phew close!

Deciding that bed socks are suitable bedroom attire (ok not ready for cotton nightdresses but scared that will be next)

Looking in the mirror and thinking about age defying face products... can you really defy age or is it just good genes?

I thought life was meant to begin at 40 and I am using words like COMFY - when did THAT happen?