Sunday, 1 January 2012

Slimavite Diet Diary - post Christmas update and a new challenge.

I haven't updated my Slimavite diet diary since December 20th! It isn't pretty to go back on the scales after the Christmas indulgences I can tell you.

Prior to Christmas I had lost 3 stone and 5 lbs using Slimavites Bite plan and I have to say looking back it has been really surprisingly easy.

I will be honest, as I always aim to be, and say I have shocked myself in how quickly the weight has crept back on over Christmas and I only have myself (and chocolate!) to blame.  I have barely drunk any Slimavite shakes and have not stuck to the plan at all.  The scales today showed 13 stone 7 lbs!! ARGH!!

As my 2012 resolutions are now in place it is back to the plan that has been followed since May.

My challenge for 2012 is to get down to 11 stone by 22nd April (my wedding anniversary) and I will be happy to get back on track as I feel bloated, unfit and quite unhealthy and the thought of a mince pie or the like is making me feel quite queasy - my body is telling me its had enough and I need to listen to it.

So from Thursday I will be back to my weekly updates but instead of them stating week 35 I will be listing them starting with Slimavite Diet Diary 2012 - week 1 as last years 3 and a half stone loss was me losing all the weight I gained being pregnant and this next phase is a new challenge.

I so hope I can repeat my fabulous loss again this year!  Onwards and downwards!......

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