Thursday, 5 January 2012

Slimavite challenge 2012 - week 1

In my post Christmas update I was disappointed to see the scales showing 13st 7 lbs but that was quickly replaced 'well yes but you did lose nearly 3 and a half stone prior to that! And that was just since May!'

Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves over our small failings (like just being human and liking to indulge at Christmas) and forget the bigger picture.  I am fully intending to remember that as I set myself a new 2012 Slimavite challenge.

Losing all that weight last year was fantastic and brought me down to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Am I happy? Yes and no...  being back to a pre-pregnancy weight is amazing and I can get back into much of my old clothes but I want to go back to where I was when I got married in 2006 - 11 stone exactly.

So my 2012 Slimavite challenge started on 1st January with a weigh in of 13st and 7 lbs and today I weighed 13st and 6 lbs so since Sunday I have already lost 1 lb.

Starting the Slimavite plan is really easy as I am replacing 2 meals with a milkshake designed to help you lose weight - sounds perfect.  Your main meal is whatever you fancy that adds up to approx 600 calories.  The Bite Plan on the Slimavite website giving helpful advice on making informed eating choices or if you fancy some inspiration there is a handy recipe suggestions section as well.

Week 1 loss - 1lb
Left to lose by the 22nd April - 2 st and 6 lbs
Follow my journey or better still join in with me!