Saturday, 21 January 2012

Slimavite Challenge 2012 - Week 3

This week I have been getting back into the swing with my Slimavite plan.  Before I started the plan I used to skip breakfast and usually lunch as well and then eat a big meal in the evening.

With the Slimavite shakes I have the convenience of a 'meal' without food which I find hard to face in the morning and with the rush of the school run didn't get time for.  Having a shake is so quick and easy as you just mix a spoon (provided in the pack) with 250ml of semi skimmed milk and shake. As I have only ever drank skimmed milk I am also cutting the calories in a small way with those as well.

The shakes are available in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla although you can get a 'latte effect' by mixing a teaspoon of water to a spoon of coffee and adding to the vanilla shake - great in the mornings!

This week I was eager to see my loss but when I jumped on the scales and weighed 13st and 5lbs (the same as last week) I have to admit I was disappointed.  I then did a stupid thing and got a bit low and ate chocolate and crisps - why do we do that?!

I have kicked myself since and told myself to get a grip and will carry on as before, 2 shakes and an evening meal of about 600 calories and let's see what happens next week... onwards and downwards!

Week 3 loss - 0lb
Left to lose- 2 st and 5 lbs
Follow my journey or better still join in with me!

My favourite evening meal - stir fry with tofu
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