Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Series of Firsts meme

I haven't done an 'about' tag post for a while and I have to say with Little Man hitting 15 months we are seeing a lot of first time events - tell me about yours...

This is a tag post so if you are tagged fill in your 'firsts' answers and tag 5 others to share theirs.  Don't forget to mention who tagged you...

*   Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
Mine was at age 11 and he was 14.  He was called Steve and I am proud to say we are still in contact even after 27 years!

*   First person you kissed?
Same person as above. Again aged 11 and I felt very grown up.  I can still remember where it happened.

*   First pay packet - can you remember what you bought?
I bought a suede jacket for £185 (can't imagine spending that on a jacket now!)

*   First record or CD you remember buying
Mine was Our House by Madness!

*   First holiday abroad?
I went toGreece at aged 15 with my friend and her parents.  I fell in love with the sunshine and the whole holiday thing there and then.

Now I will tag the following to see what their first memories are!