Monday, 30 January 2012

Now that's the Cherry On Top..

I was tagged to receive a rather lovely blog award recently from my friend and fellow Blogger Claire at Mummy Of Many Talents.

You may know Claire from her award winning blog A Boy With Aspergers.  The name of her latest Blog 'Mummy of Many Talents' is very apt as Claire is just that!

So here are the rules of accepting the Cherry on top award..
*    First you must thank the blogger that sent it - Claire thanks! Coming from you it means a lot!
*    Next you must list three things you love about yourself. That's not as easy as it seems as I don't really look at myself in a positive light that often, here's mine. 1) I love my 4 gorgeous, special and inspiring children 2) I love that I can accept a challenge and do my best to complete it (this task shows that!)  3) I love that I can express myself through my blog and be able to say that's my space if you don't like it sorry but I am being true to myself.
*    Next you must post a picture you love - tough because there are so many pictures I love but this is one that springs to mind.  I love the innocent eyes and the awe on his face at the camera.

*   Lastly you must pass this award onto 5 more awesome bloggers.. So here's the next 5 I tag...
My friend of 15 years and fellow birthday sharer Wendy at Inside The Wendy House, the lovely Emma at Emma and 3, The fab Heather from SAHM Loving It, one of my favourite bloggers that is always a joy to meet up with, Super Amazing Mum and lastly a lady that is simply kind, generous and downright lovely Alex from Doing It All For Aleyna. Consider yourselves tagged lovelies x