Saturday, 7 January 2012

Diary of a 15 month old...

One of the main reasons I started my blog was to keep an online diary of Little Mans life.  I have never been very good at writing down milestones in the baby record books but my blog is somewhere I can keep my own records.

On Wednesday Little Man was 15 months old and I realised that I haven't actually written a progress report of his many achievements in those 15 months so this is a post to update those.

Complete with angel wings -  first set of professional photos (10/11/10)
He had his first set of professional photos taken aged nearly 6 weeks old, although I have been taking photos and videos of him since the day he was born.  He was happy to be posed and dressed up and never complained once (thankfully!)

Aged 6 weeks
In his next photo shoot in April 2011 he was far more mobile and proved again he was far from camera shy...

Not the quickest to learn to sit up, he finally sat up without support for the first time in July 2011 (9 months old) when he was at his brothers Sports Day.  He had sat up since May but was rather like a Weeble between May and July.

August was the start of 2 'firsts' in a row.  On the 20th a first tiny bud of a baby tooth starting to erupt closely followed by another 2 days later.  This first was closely followed by another on the 23rd August when I woke up to find he had stood up in his cot for the first time.

With his next milestone, crawling, I let him down as I cannot remember the date he first achieved a taste of mobility - sorry Little Man (see I should have written this before now)

Again this week we have had two 'first' within days of each other.  Aged exactly 15 months he took his first two steps (apparently he did this for the really first time on New Years Eve but I was out with friends for coffee and didn't witness it)  I didn't know whether to be happy or sad for the fact that he is progressing or that my baby is growing so fast.  Today he built his first tower of blocks (4 high!) but before I could take a photo he knocked them down by clapping at himself - hopefully next time I will manage it.

My baby is becoming a toddler before my eyes and although I have wanted to treasure him being a baby for as long as possible, purely from the selfish point of view that he will be my last child, I am filled with a bursting pride at his accomplishments.  The one first I really don't want to happen is his first official word as I love his babbling and attempts at 'talking' so much.  I do think from what I have heard so far his first word will be tickle, tickle as we are nearly there with an "ickle, ickle" at every tickle he receives.

So there an official record of the progress of a 15 month old baby and I will be sure to record the next ones as soon as they happen for fear of missing any.

On his first birthday