Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10 things they don't tell you about toddlers

When you are pregnant you get lots of advice about what to expect when you have a baby but what many of the guides don't tell you is what to expect when your small bundle of joy starts to grow, such as...

1)   Once your baby gets mobile changing a nappy becomes more like The Krypton Factor and the last thing your baby wants to do is help.  From twisting and turning mid change to just getting them to stay still long enough to actually put the nappy on - the challenge is on.

2)   Anything your baby eats does and will come out the other end but with a far stronger smell ! And why is it always when you are out and about?! Some nappy changes should carry a Government Health Warning!

3)   Feeding your active baby becomes a bit like throwing a food fight with you as the target - you have been warned. Toddlers love to squeeze their food through their fingers and even better through your hair.

4)    Toddlers always seem to remember and repeat exactly what you don't want them to!

5)   Art starts at home - usually on the walls, carpets and your duvet cover makes the perfect canvas for babies Sudocrem smeared hand prints.

6)   The TV remote, your keys and your mobile phone will become the sole seek and destroy mission for a toddler and yes they do know where you hide them....

7)   No matter how many hours of filming and photos you take, the minute your back is turned or the camera is off is when they will take their first steps or say their first words.

8)   Boys soon discover a new toy that appears when they remove their nappy!

9)  Your bed is their bed!

10) Dummies can never be located in the dark of the night but magically reappear after you have had to put the light on and waken the whole house up doing so!

These are just some of the things that are coming flooding back to haunt me as my baby becomes a toddler and I am 'enjoying' them all but I am sure you have more.....