Saturday, 31 December 2011

Can you unpack, unfold then refold your stroller in less than 60 seconds?

Oh and does it fit into a backpack?  It doesn't? Well then let you show you the Quicksmart Backpack Stroller

We took the Quicksmart stroller with us on our recent trip to Butlins as it is small and compact and takes up hardly any space in the boot of the car.

So compact it fits into its own backpack
As Little Man, at 14 months, is not a baby that would sit still on a chair to be fed, we also used the pram as a highchair (well you can't take everything with you on holiday!) and with its 5 point harness it was a secure alternative.  It meant that Little Man could be fed as easily there as at home.

Open wide....
The stroller is very lightweight and weighs just 11lbs and is very easy to fold up and down making it perfect for travel use.  It is ready to use in just 4 clicks and having read the instructions (handily printed on the back of the pram itself) it was ready to use very quickly - I found it easier to get used to unfolding than my everyday pram in fact.

Suitable from age 6 months the stroller is a great solution to taking your everyday, and normally bulky, pram on holiday and perfect for when your toddler insists on walking but tires easily but I wouldn't say from a comfort point of view it is suitable as an everyday pram as the seat cannot recline. The seat depth is good and the sun canopy is helpful but doesn't really provide much shade. It also has a handy built in foot rest.

Seat depth was good but the ability to recline would have been helpful

Built in sun canopy
So do you think you can unpack, unfold and then refold your stroller in less than 60 seconds? I can with the Quicksmart Backpack Stroller and here's the prove!

Dimensions: Folded 22.8 inches L x 13inches W x 12.2 inches H                                                             Open    30.5 inches L x 13 inches W x 40.6 inches HThe Quicksmart Backpack Stroller is available in the UK from Mookie 

Thursday, 29 December 2011

I have become rich through blogging!!

When someone had asked me what a blog was 2 years ago I don't know I could have given a correct answer.

When my long time friend Wendy told me she had started a blog and that I should have a go I have to admit I was more than a little sceptical and Wendy had to do all the setting up as I was clueless! I had come up with a sort of name 'Bloggamy' as in monogamy (meaning one marriage and in relation to my new blog it would be my one and only blog hence the name!) Needless to say it means something to me and obviously nothing to anyone else as when it was set up the name ended up being spelt wrong and Bloggomy was born.....

During the 13 months my blog has been up and running I cannot believe how my hobby has grown and become part of my life - it does not earn my money but I am proud of what it has become.

I am extremely proud to have been a finalist in this years MAD Blog Awards in the Best Baby Blog category and was thrilled to be able to attend the Award ceremony in London in September, and although I did not win  I did get to meet some very lovely people and in particular the lovely Claire from A Boy with Aspergers who I am happy to now call a friend as well as the effervescent Super Amazing Mum who I have had a ball with every time we have met! I hope I may be as lucky to be nominated next year....

The lovely Super Amazing Mum
In May I was lucky enough to have attended Cybermummy *note to self - never wear killer heels to walk down a cobbled road in London at night in the dark*

During 2011 I have lost 3 and a half stone (since May) and documented my journey here

So how am I rich through blogging? Well through the reaches of my blog I have met some inspiring, clever, funny and downright lovely people and for that I am richer. Ok so I am yet to be a millionaire but if these new online friends were £50 pound notes I would be well on my way to that.....

Thank you to every person I have met this year and for helping make my life richer through blogging.

This photo had to be revived! Ladies you know who you are!!

So this was Christmas.....

Well it's over for another year and it will soon be time to take down the tree and pack away the decorations.

For me Christmas is about seeing the delight (hopefully!) on my childrens faces as they open their presents or hearing them comment "How did you know I would like that?!" - it makes the time spent trawling the High street and shopping online worth it.

Although this year was an uneventful time, in some ways that makes it more relaxing and after falling asleep on the sofa on Christmas Day afternoon and waking at 3PM having not even heated an oven let alone prepared dinner I certainly proved I was laid back this year!

Here is our day in pictures - my favourite way to remember anything (even though yet again Santa forgot I would have liked a camera hhhuuummmppphhh!)

Smaller Christmas hat next year please Mum!

Christmas 2011

stolen mince pie
A stolen mince pie tastes the best!

Enough said!

Little Man has a first mini tantrum and sulks on the floor - bless!

A gift from New York was a firm favourite
So with thanks to our wonderful friends for our gifts and with hope that 2012 is the best year ever.....

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Silent Sunday - Christmas day edition!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Twas the night before Christmas...

It's only an hour and a half til Santa heads this way.  We have watched his progress throughout the day via Norad and now the children are all in bed asleep - phew!

I still have presents to wrap and things to do but for once this year I am sitting down and taking it easy this Christmas Eve.  I am going to do something I rarely have time to do and actually just enjoy us all being together as a family.

It is so easy to get caught up with the preparations, the wrapping and the having to 'get it perfect' that the actual fun part of the Christmas period can be forgotten in all the stress we put ourselves under.  So I shall blog,  I will not feel guilty for taking time to myself when the list to do is usually foremost in my mind.

So for those of you out there also taking a moment to yourself and reading this blog post, have a happy, fun and relaxing Christmas day.  Enjoy watching your family open the gifts you have lovingly bought, made and wrapped for them and don't forget to enjoy the moment.

Happy Christmas!!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A quick word on presents for babies....

...don't worry about a present for small children because:

....the box or wrapping paper will amuse them more!!

Happy Christmas!


Method in my Christmas madness

I love getting surprises through the post - well who doesn't?!

This surprise came in a brown box requiring thank you but it needs all of the three in my opinion. It comes from my favourite brand of household products EVER and they even do a baby toiletries range and yes I do have some!

With Little Man deciding it would be so much fun to stay awake all night and gurgle happily at the tree lights I was bleary eyed this morning when the postman knocked on the door to say the least. The sight of my surprise box soon woke me up!  So what cheered up my rainy pre-Christmas morning?

Something as everyday as this but when it comes from Method I get all excited. They are my favourite choice for household cleaners and the fact that they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly is the cherry on the top of the cake for me.

My Method pressie
The present was a bottle of washing up liquid or dish soap as they call it, in a Christmas edition and with a cheeky Candy Cane fragrance and although it may seem like nothing to you, to me, as a regular user, it is a top up to my Method addiction!  The handy pump dispenser lid will make sure it lasts well into the New year.

So although this post was not asked for it is my thank you to Method for making my day a little brighter and my dishes brighter still - thank you!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 33 weigh in

With all the Christmas preparations and my lovely weekend away at Butlins I forgot my weekly diet update.

With parties, drinks and treats tempting us all at every moment I thought is best to try and have a 'damage limitation' theory in regards to my Slimavite plan.

So my theory is that Christmas would not be Christmas without a few nice things to eat and drink and the more I try and abstain the more likely I will blow my hard work so far on the plan.  If I aim to maintain the weight I have lost so far and be a little more akin to the everything in moderation saying then that will be a better course than just thinking the usual dieters thoughts of 'I will start again after Christmas or as a New Year resolution"

I am trying to be honest with myself and actually ask the question "Do I really need that mince pie / dollop of cream / chocolate?" and in most cases the answer is no! I am enjoying  the odd festive feast (such as my meal at Turners last weekend) but staying focussed the rest of the time.

Last week I maintained my weight at 12st 13 lbs so I was hoping for the same this week but to my shock (and delight!) I weighed 12st 12 lbs so I actually managed to lose a pound with my damage limitation theory.

Will power rocks!

TOTAL weight loss in 33 weeks: 3 stone 6 lbs... onwards and downwards...

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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Silent Sunday

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Should it be a life for a life?

This post may offend some people, it is not meant to and I apologise if it does but I feel sick to my stomach.

Today I did something I have not done since I was 6 or 7 years old.  Driving back from dropping the children at school I found myself going "la la la la" at the top of my voice so I did not hear the radio announcer on the car radio.

What would cause a grown woman to act so childishly?  I had heard the headline about a man starting a jail sentence for killing his 3 month old baby and that was all I needed to hear before I felt physically sick.

I cannot imagine ever wishing to hurt a baby.  I cannot comprehend what would make someone go to harm a child of any age let alone a defenceless infant.  I could not bear to hear how or what had happened with the child and I could not find the volume control quick enough so I had no choice but to try and drown out the words filling my car with my own noise.

Having successfully managed to avoid the gruesome details, I had heard the sentence was 7 years and I began to ask myself what is a 'just' sentence for taking another persons life?  Or should it be a life for a life?  It seems it is rare these days that a life sentence in prison really does mean that and many are left serving much less time inside.

I remember as a child, a man that my Dad worked with called Frank who would often say that those who committed a crime against another person and took a life should lose their own life.  These criminals organs be donated to those on the organ donation waiting list and given to those who really needed them and not wasted on someone who took life so frivolously - although this is an extreme view I suppose it is another take on the life for a life suggestion.

Another memory from my younger years was overhearing my Mum say that Myra Hindley could never be released as every Mother in the world would want to find her.  I had no idea at the time who Myra Hindley was but with my knowledge now I can see that her crimes angered my Mother and that she to felt overwhelmed and unable to relate to someone who would hurt and kill a child.

I am so sad that my children will grow up in a world where such people exist and where these crimes are still committed on a too frequent basis and I have to say that I will never think 7 years is enough time to serve for killing a defenceless infant or anyone else.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 32 weigh in

For those of you that have been stuck in a well for the last few weeks it is only 17 days til Christmas -argh!

Needless to say, like many others at this time of year, my mind has not exactly been on dieting.  The Slimavite plan is easy to do but with all the treats, chocolates and Christmas lunches that we attend it is hard to stay focussed entirely but then life goes on whether we are losing weight or not.

I was happy to stay the same this week at 12 stone 13lbs and to be honest I think it is about not ruining the 3 odd stone I have already lost by over indulging whilst allowing myself to actually enjoy the festivities.  I know as soon as Christmas is over I will be back to it with gusto.

Between Christmas and New Year so many people start to think about a fresh start in the New Year and finally, for some, the start of losing some of the weight they have gained over the years or just the pounds that creep on from all the mince pies and trifle.  I will be amongst those I am sure and until then I will not binge as, lets face it it is just gaining weight that needs to then be lost all over again!

TOTAL weight loss in 32 weeks: 3 stone 5 lbs... onwards and downwards...

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Friday, 2 December 2011

Just in case you have some free time Santa....

This year for one reason or another it has been a terrible year.  I cannot wait until it is over and that hopefully the dawning of 2012 will bring better days.

So this year I thought I would write my own 'Dear Santa...' letter and rather like the one my children compile using the shop catalogues I have decided to put together my own Christmas list, you know just in case you have some free time Santa.

* Santa 3 weeks ago my ceramic hob on my cooker decided to crack, I had insurance on it so I thought I would use my convection microwave instead while I waited for it to be fixed.  I was quoted 10 days for a replacement hob so the microwaving began and just 1/2 day into it the damn thing decided, after 12 years of faultless service, to fall apart and stop working - Sooooo Santa I would love a new convection oven/microwave to replace my departed one or even just a standard microwave if you are busy...

* With my recent weight loss I would love to have more than a couple of items of clothing that fit, not designer brands just a couple of pairs of jeans, a jumper or two and definitely a new coat as mine went through my pregnancy with me and is now out of shape and looking very sorry for itself.  So Mr Claus a nice new coat would be perfect!

* A new car, well not new new but newer than my one that has now done 244000+ miles.  Ok so she is still going but every day the screeching fan belt and squeaking steering wheel grate that little bit more on my already tense psyche and so something I could actually rely on to not break down and get me further than the end of my County would be a real godsend - Mercedes not required just reliable and not a petrol guzzler unlike my current version - thank you!

* A bit more luck and a lot more laughter would go down well this Christmas - my friends must be bored of my woes by now, I know I am!

And finally as this list is a list just for me and my selfish whims perhaps a spa day or even a hair cut and colour would be a dream come true, so Santa I know you are busy but I have been a good girl all year,


Me aged 38 and 1/2 years

Try not to judge me to harshly but it had to be done....

Yesterday I did something totally selfish, something completely unlike me and alien.  It felt wrong, forbidden and somehow very sinful. It went against how I am and how I have been since having children.

So what could be so bad?  Well try not to judge me but I spent money on MYSELF!!  I know, I know how could I ! I bought myself a new bra as after having lost nearly 3 and a half stone mine are now all too big and it is a big like trying to hold up my poor breasts in a hammock!!

photo credit
Not only that but I bought it after spending 30 minutes, yes 30 MINUTES having a proper bra fitting which meant me conversing with another adult about a subject that did not involve babies, children, nappies or weaning.  Ok Little Man was asleep in his pram in the store with me but I was there for ME!

Now don't get me wrong I didn't gorge on my 30 minutes of 'freedom to be me' and go and buy two whole items of essential lingerie.  I just took it easy and weaned myself into the whole selfish me moment with the one bra, but it felt good and to be honest after the event my boobs look great to.

Although I cannot see me starting a career in the 'Me time' arena it did feel satisfying and liberating in some small way to know I can do it if I want to. Who knows I may even one day make it to get my hair cut (it has been 5 months and I can't really see properly through what was my fringe) or even more extravagant my nails done !

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 31 weigh in

This time of year is so hard for those wanting to lose weight with all those chocolate treats at the tills to the half price biscuits in the supermarkets 

Last night saw the children's school Christmas fair which even had a chocolate tombola let alone cakes for sale.  How can you refuse to buy a treat that your child had lovingly made?!  Luckily I am quite strong when it comes to will power but everyone has their limits!!

photo credit
I think, for me, the secret is moderation and motivation.  If I stop myself having anything sweet I will want to gorge myself when it all gets too much - big problem!  Motivation is within yourself so I am in control of that and the fact that this week I tried on and got in a pair of SIZE 14 (!) jeans is motivation all on it's own and I do not want to ruin what I have achieved. I WANT to get down to 11 stone.

photo credit
This week I weighed 12 st 13 lbs so I have lost the 1lb I gained last week.  Although I am not having huge weight losses at the moment that is a combination of allowing myself little treats in the run up to Christmas and also I haven't been walking into town as Little Man has been ill.  I am still motivated as it felt good to be able to add another item from my wardrobe that I can now get into - yah!

TOTAL weight loss in 31 weeks: 3 stone 5 lbs... onwards and downwards

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