Thursday, 30 June 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 9 weigh Cybermummy!

Today has been the first time I have not looked forward to jumping on the scales and seeing the digital display glaring back at me - why?

Well as you may know I attended Cybermummy at the weekend and so being away from home did not make it easy to plan my meals or stick to any routine.  I was tempted (and gave in!) to the delights in my car share hamper and although the crisps and chocolate were delicious I knew it may do me no favours at the scales but I did it anyway.  I also enjoyed a meal out with fellow bloggers enjoying a pizza along the way...
A rare meal out
In my opinion life does not and should not stop just because you are trying to lose weight and the Slimavite plan is flexible in that it has a Synbites section (Certain foods are called Synbites because they don't provide much in the way of valuable nutrients, although they do provide lots of calories!) This way you can make an informed choice just how much you want that cake....

Synbites help you make informed choices
Anyway the weigh in today was 14 st 7lbs so a 1lb loss - I am very happy with that for all the reasons above.  I made sure I started the plan as soon as I was home and didn't lose motivation just because I had meandered from my diet plan.  In 9 weeks I have lost 1 st and 11 lbs and will hopefully next week see my loss hit the 2 stone mark.

On a side note the main reason it was hard to have my Slimavite shakes was that I had no access to the milk needed to make them.  If there was a pre-made, ready to drink, carton of Slimavite shake that would really save the day in these situations.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sport's Day hat!

Today is Middle Sons sports day and I decided to take along a blanket and let Little Man sit with me rather than in his buggy to watch the events.

Inbetween races I couldn't resist taking some photo's of him in his new sun hat.  As I haven't done a photo only post in a few months I thought I would share them here....

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 8 weigh in....

Wow nearly 2 months have passed since I took up the Slimavite plan and it really is flying past.

The 2 Slimavite meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch and one 'standard' meal has become second nature now and compared to the days when I never ate anything before 4pm in the afternoon I feel better for eating a more balanced amount of meals rather than one big calorie laden meal in the evening and then starve again for 24 hours - not healthy!

I have cut down on the unhealthy foods I craved when I was pregnant:

and I now have the 2 shakes and plenty more of this:
I have rekindled my love of fruit
I had forgotton just how much I enjoyed eating fruit and vegetables and this plan has helped rekindle that which is a real plus.

So up til now in 7 weeks I had lost 1 stone and 10 lbs and weighed 14 stone 9lbs and after this week I weigh 14 stone 8 lbs, so a 1lb loss this week. Total loss in 8 weeks = 1st 11 lbs

With going to Cybermummy this weekend and perhaps not being able to get access to milk for my shakes I am realistic that it may be difficult.  I have already booked a meal out tomorrow night with some of the other lovely bloggers attending the conference and although I have ordered pizza for my main meal (going to an Italian) I have ordered fresh fruit salad for my pudding.  I am determined that although it is not the ideal situation, I will not give in to too much temptation and make sensible choices with what is on offer.

I hope this will see me in good stead for next weeks weigh in.

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Review disclosure

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

You put something down for 2 minutes......

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Britains Biggest Mess meme

I have been tagged for this meme by the lovely Elaine at Fun as a Gran and I am not sure that I am ready for this!

The basic gist is this:

"Let’s all find the biggest eyesore, mess, in need of decorating etc patches in our homes and share them!, and that can include your garden" says Elaine..

So there you have it.  A sort of self name and shame on all those jobs that you have been putting off , from decorating to gardening to washing and ironing - we all have at least one we haven't got round to.

Now my husband is great at starting jobs around the house, the problem is getting him to finish them!! 

He started the tiling.....
....but then needed a new tile cutter and never seems to go and buy it so tiling has been unfinished for quite a while now, with the grout marks above the finished tiles awaiting new paint.  As our bathroom fan also broke for a while, we ended up with damp and condensation on the ceiling so to add to the tiling we now need to do this:

Paint needed please....
And the subject of paint brings me on to the next eyesore.  Well it is only an eyesore on the way down the stairs.  When my husband started painting the hall (do you see a pattern forming here?!) and when it came to painting the highest part above the stairs he had to lean the ladder against the wall to reach the top but as the paint was still wet on the bottom part he needed to wait til it dried to continue.  We are still waiting nearly 2 years later!!  Slowest drying paint I have ever seen!

Like watching paint dry
So there you have it my mess in photo's - I am named and shamed.  So to make me feel like I am not the only one I am going to tag a few others so they can share my shame.  Come on down Wendy at Inside the Wendy House, Claire at Seasider in the City and the lovely Jessies Crazy Kitchen and a new friend Helen at Casa Costello- come on ladies let's see what you've got.....

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 7 weigh in....

So it's Thursday and that only means one thing in my house at the moment - Slimavite weigh in day....

I don't think I have ever dreaded a weigh in which says a lot to me.  It means I don't feel the need to cheat, miss out or that I am going hungry and each week I am hopeful for what the scales will say and for the week ahead.
When I started the Slimavite plan my BMI (body mass index) was estimated at 37.9 which is well above the target BMI of 29.1 and showed the work that was ahead of me.  Today my estimated BMI was 34.2 so I can already see a good decrease in that which is motivating.

Last week I weighed in at 14st 12 lbs so the weight is definitely dropping and my jeans feel better although I am not wanting to buy a smaller size in case they are a little tight and this demotivates me - they will have to do until I feel ready to take that challenge.

So this morning I weighed 14st 9lbs so again this week that's a 3lb loss.  Total weight loss in 7 weeks is 1st and 10lbs which I am really pleased about.  Let's hope next week is as good... Thanks Slimavite!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Older childrens bedroom - haven or hole?

Last night I spent 2 hours helping (in other words doing 90%) my daughter sort out her drawers and wardrobe.  In her drawers we found many tops that no longer fitted.

After we (I) had finished and we had a half full black bin bag for the bin and a quarter full bag for donating, the room looked much better.  No drawer contents were spewing out their tongue of clothes, no wardrobe bulging at the door with thrown in items and no bed held up by shoes stuffed under it.

As I looked around it came to my mind that the room was now cleaned to my standard of cleaning but then the question arose.... Should older childrens rooms be their rooms?  By this I mean should they decide what or how tidy they are or should we as parents?  Do we invade their privacy by entering their rooms?  And should they be haven or be allowed to be holes?

Although my daughter was in the room with me the whole time 'helping' by watching the Wizard of Oz (!!) I soon realised that she was not bothered whether the t-shirts went in a t-shirt only drawer or were in a pile on the floor.

So it begs me the question as to why we as parents tidy, or ask our children to tidy their rooms.  I like to think that it teaches them to be tidy, organised and ensures they can find clean clothes where they should be - not on the floor!! Or is it because we want them to validate what we think is an important quality - cleanliness/tidiness/respect ?? 

I remember as a teen my Mum putting everything that had been dumped on the floor in my bedroom onto my bed so she could hoover. By doing this I then I had to put it away before I could get into bed.  My brother (8 years my senior) decided that he would just move his back to the floor when he got into bed and I came home from school the next day to find it all laid on a blanket in the front garden - ready and waiting for him to come and tidy!!

So do you tidy your children's rooms, help tidy or just shut the door and pretend you never saw what was lurking behind?  I would really like to know what others think so please leave me a comment below...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Listography - Top 5 places I would like to visit

Kates Listography takes us travelling this week with the theme of the Top 5 places you would like to visit.

In my time I have travelled to many beautiful places and there are still many more I would like to discover.  Here's my Top 5 travel wishes.

Niagra Falls, Canada

Ever since I saw the Marilyn Monroe film 'Niagra' I have longed to see the falls closeup.  I would love to travel along on the Maid of The Mist  boat and feel the water spray on my face and take in the pure wonder of the Falls.

Ayers Rock, Australia

I have never been to Australia but Ayers Rock would be on my 'to visit' list should I go.  It is beautiful and I should imagine photo's do it no justice. Stunning.

Grand Canyon, USA

I know so many people that have visited the Grand Canyon and I would love to have the chance.  Although my fear of heights would stop me standing looking down I would love to witness the Canyon by perhaps camping at the few camp sites at the bottom of it.


Alaska and in particular the Northern Lights, is again a sight I would like to see for real.  Although I do not like the cold Alaska would still be a 'yes please' in my travel wish list. My husband as always said he would like to live in Alaska but the 6 months of darkness must be very hard.

As you can see from my choices it's all about the view, sights and atmosphere for me with travel destinations.  Now if only I had the funds.....

Why not link up with Kate and tell us your own Top 5.

Good bloggers pay it forwards...

I have been tagged twice for this award. My good friend Wendy and also Kylie from Not Even a Bag of Sugar. Kylie tagged me as a fellow MAD Blog Awards finalist so hello and good luck to her.

Here's how it works:

1: Put the award badge on your post.
2: Refer to the blogger who tagged you.
3: Pass it on to 5 others.

So these are who I am paying it forward to:

@Qwertymum because she, like Wendy, is a real life friend and blogger
The Lovely Carole from Carol Finds her Wings as a fellow new mum
A brand new blogger I met through Britmums Amanda from Manda Made
The ever friendly Hannah at Metal Mummy - can't wait to meet her at Cybermummy
and then there's lovely Stacey from Made of Snails....

So as we good bloggers really do pay it forward I offer the baton or rather Pay it Forward badge at the top to you to pass on as you will.

Monday, 13 June 2011

If it isn't broken.....

As a Mum of 4 multi-generational (thanks for the term Wendy) children a lot has changed in terms of pregnancy and childcare advice and products since I was first pregnant 20 years ago.

Even the pregnancy notes that you carry around have changed from a small cardboard sheet in a cardboard sleeve from my first pregnancy to the huge A4 folder you have these days.  One of the few things that have changed is the Bounty information packs that you receive when pregnant, as you have your baby, and then in the months after.  They contain leaflets, money off vouchers,  product samples and a great Bounty book with all sorts of helpful information in.

Sadly most of the money off vouchers are for disposable nappies (no good for us real nappy users) and I would really like to see some incentive included for those choosing the non-disposable route.  The one product that I keep and always use from the packs is the small handy sized pot of Sudocrem Nappy Rash Cream.

Although I am more than happy to try new products I always seem to come back to Sudocrem when nappy rash comes calling, as well as for sunburn, rashes and chapped skin - it's great for almost everything skin related. In my opinion if something isn't broken don't try and fix it and if something works - use it!

So if you are pregnant or have just become a proud parent look out for your small sample tub and give it a try.  You will be glad you did.

NB Bounty or Sudocrem have not given me anything for writing this post - it is all my own words and opinions.

Cybermummy is just around the corner......

Wow with all the excitement with The MADS I have looked at a calender today and realised that Cybermummy is only 12 days away!! Whoop Whoop!

So with 12 days to go I thought I had better think about clothes as it's not even crossed my mind yet but then again I am still in 'young baby to look after' mode and not really following fashion (not that I ever really have to be honest)  I know I will be wearing jeans on the day but I am also going to the Friday night 'Eat, Meet and Greet' that the thoughtful Sandy has kindly organised, so will have to look at something for that.

I really should get my hair cut as well as that is in need of some TLC and for me the hardest thing is going to be choosing shoes to wear.  I am 'me' in pumps or sneakers and think this is the best thing for the day itself but when it comes to 'going out' shoes well that's harder as I never go out anywhere.

As my friend Wendy and I are leaving our babies *sobs* and braving this experience as just us, we will not only be leaving them for the first time overnight but also experiencing going out.  I believe the last time Wendy and I went out together after dark was this memorable event in 1997!! Prior to that was a 'ladies only' night that shall go unmentioned .....

So empowered by the experience we shall be but drinking I doubt.... So give me a wave if you see me or better still pop over for a chat as I am looking forward to Cybermummy and the ability to put names to blogs and meet people that I interact with regularly via Twitter and Facebook but have never met but already feel like friends. Here's to Cybermummy.

The final furlong.....

So the voting ends this Friday at 9pm (GMT) for the MAD Blog Awards

I am thrilled to be a finalist in the Best MAD Baby Blog category. So with that in mind I thought I would share my 'please vote' vlog with you.  It took me 5 hours to make it so Steven Spielberg your job is safe!!

Thanks to all who have taken the time to vote for Bloggomy so far and if you are yet to vote then please consider us for your Best Baby choice - many thanks. The link to vote is here.

PS Editing vlogs is obviously not my strong point but rest assured I stopped myself from throwing the PC out of the window in frustration!!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

My Top 5 men....

I caught an old Kate Takes 5 Listography and although I didn't join in at the time wanted to come up with my Top 5 men that, should I meet them, would happily have a coffee with...

Jason Statham

Now I have mentioned the gorgeous Jason before.  Not sure what I love more about him the looks or the cockney style accent. A man that makes me feel gooey inside for sure.

Dave Grohl

This mans personality on camera is just so attractive and he is pretty good looking to - yes please!

Jared Leto

Love this shot and love a man that's not scared to wear eyeliner!  I am sensing a rock theme also emerging in my choices...


But only in his younger days before surgery.  Based on a purely spectacular set of muscles - so shallow!

Dustin Hoffman

A man I think has just got better with age! I absolutely loved in in 'Meet The Fockers' Hell it's my list....

So not a fair haired, blue eyed man in sight.  Tall (not in all cases eh Dustin) dark and handsome is how I like them.

Kate has new theme for her list on a regular bases - why not click the box below and check them out??


Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Thursday, 9 June 2011's here! Teething!

After months of anticipation a tiny white speck has erupted through Little Mans bottom gum - the start of his first tooth!

My baby is transforming into a little boy before my eyes and there is nothing I can do about it. Little Man is my fourth child.  He has been a perfect baby should such a thing exist and although he does things in his own time (still not weaned, can't sit up for very long) he is a delight each and every day.

10 minutes old, 12 days late and weighing 10lb 13oz
I so wish I could freeze the days since Little Man has been born so I can remember every moment in perfect detail as I have already forgotten so much from when the older children were this small.

I had forgotten the way baby love to talk to inanimate items like dummies, baby wipes and their own fingers.

I had forgotten how babies love anything that's yours - car keys, remote controls and hair!

I had forgotten how you can feel such overwhelming love for someone you have just met for the first time and already know that you would put this tiny person before everything and anything to ensure they were happy - it's been the same for all 4 children but having Little Man re woke that within me.

So if I could have a small wish I would choose the ability to hold back the future, rewind the past, fast forward the tears and stop at the laughter that Little Man has already had.  I am a Mummy and I think that's a very important job.

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 6 weigh in....

I can't believe I have been following the Slimavite plan for 6 weeks now.  It has gone by really fast and thinking back I can only remember feeling peckish once or twice which was soon sorted out with a quick piece of fruit.

Eating fruit is encouraged on the plan as well as your replacement shakes and a healthy meal - salad (without dressing) is also fine so there's plenty of choices to help keep you feeling full and eating healthily.

After the dissappointed of only losing 1 lb last week after I decided it was a good idea to eat high fat foods and then sweets and more rubbish on top I made sure I was following the plan to the letter this week.  No rubbish, just everything the Slimavite Bite Plan suggests.

Last week I weighed 15st 3lbs and this week I weighed in at 14st 12lbs so that is an amazing 5lbs this week! I am so pleased with myself and it just shows what can be acheived with a little willpower and a plan!!

All in all I have lost 1st 6lbs in 6 weeks and my clothes already feel better and I am feeling less self concious about people thinking why haven't I lost my post baby weight yet. In my opinion it took 9 months to put it on so losing it will not happen overnight  but with this plan I know the goal is possible.

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Image: graur codrin /

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It's that time of year again...School Fair time.

Summer! Or as close as we in the UK get to it.  That can only mean it's that time of year again....Summer Term

It sends a shiver down my spine - sports day, summer fairs, school trips, raffles, school plays, prizes, donations the list seems to go on and on during this term. Not a week goes by without a coloured sheet of paper being waved in my face by Middle Son saying "letter from school for you".

Now the fact that it isn't in a brown envelope addressed to me personally makes me feel better but when I read the sheet I just know it is going to involve me sourcing something or paying something.

Now I am not being a Bah Humbug about it as I have been in the position of being on a school committee and having to find willing helpers. I know how hard that can be.

This year I have to applaud the idea's I have seen for our summer fair.  With the economy the way it is, they are certainly looking at alternative forms of fund raising.  We are having a 'Most amusing fruit or vegetable' competition, not for a prize but for the glory!  Now that's worth going to the Fair just to view what gets handed in to be judged and no doubt end up with a lighter purse at the end !

So I would like to know what the weirdest thing you have been asked to donate, find or make to raise funds for a school event..

Friday, 3 June 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 5 weigh in....

So here I am at the week 5 weigh in of my Slimavite weight loss plan.

Having 2 milkshakes instead of breakfast and lunch has become so normal to me now and I honestly rarely feel hungry in between these and if I do I opt for a piece of fruit.

Slimavite replacement shakes
As this week is Half-term, eldest son is home which is fantastic! He arrived on Tuesday and after collecting him from the station I decide to stop on the way home for a drink - then some strange compulsion takes over.  I change the drink to "Let's have something to eat" and even more stupidly let's forget the plan and eat like it's going out of fashion!!!

I even decided to have a takeaway that night as I had already 'ruined' the day.  This is sadly like my old behaviour and proves to me that a lot to do with weight loss is psychological and about positive thinking, mind over matter etc.  I really must not allow myself to be tempted - I just feel frustrated with myself afterwards.

Anyway the next day I was right back on it and so was pleased with a 1lb loss this week so that takes me to 15st 3lbs.

 In 5 weeks I have lost - even with my lack of self control for one day - 1st and 1lb which is really fantastic.

I hope to see what I could have lost this week perhaps show next week - fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Halfway there..... The MADS 2011

I can't believe it is 2 weeks ago that I found out I was a finalist in this years MADS best blog awards.

MAD Blog Awards 2011

I am shortlisted with 4 other great Baby blogs and I have to say the whole 75 finalists this year make a very impressive line-up. See them all here.

So with 2 weeks down in the 4 week voting period I have to say it has zoomed by.  I have had a small article in a local paper published although sadly they forgot my blog name - it's Bloggomy!! My URL or even the category I am nominated in - Best MAD Baby Blog, but hey it's my first time in the papers so I am proud to see my name in print - yes they managed to get that in, thankfully!

So with 2 weeks to go and if you are yet to vote - please spare a thought for a poor blogger that's blog is anonymous in her paper and has a love of using exclamation marks!! - I would be fair chuffed!

The direct link to vote is here:  

The category I am nominated in is the very last one - Best Baby Blog and with a handy pull down menu it will take you less than a minute to vote...and make a Mummy blogger very happy!!

Little Man and Mummy xx