Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Movie meme (Week 6 ) Chick Flicks

Hannah at Metal Mummy has chosen Chick Flicks for the theme of this weeks Movie meme, and the first thing that sprang to mind was the gorgeous Gerard Butler in PS I love You, but this week instead of choosing by the actor I decided to mull it over.  As a girl that doesn't really watch many Chick Flicks I thought through the ones I had seen and this brought me to my choice for this week.

I have chosen a little known film called Crush that came out in 2001. It stars Andie McDowell (more famous now for her lack of 'deep set wrinkles' thanks to advertising) and the surmise is this:

3 great friends, all single, through divorce, experience or bad luck all get together each week to chat about why they are single and how they wish they weren't. Kate (McDowell) is a teacher and by chance meets Jed, who is a now twenty-something handsome ex student of hers. They begin an affair and Kate's friends dimiss Kate and Jed's feelings for each other as a silly crush so much so that Kate's friend Molly attempts to prove Jed's faithlessness by seducing him, which fails but angers Kate. After an argument about their future, Jed rushes out of Kate's house and is struck and killed by a passing truck!!!!. This unexpected tragedy brings the three friends closer together.

The story continues as Kate finds herself pregnant with the now deceased Jed's baby and it becomes a story of the support and friendship the 3 friends share.

Fantastic Chick Flick, all the ingredients, friends, love , jealousy, cute guy (never saw the actor in any other film which was a shame), tragedy, tears, love.

Here's a little snippet for those that like the sound of it (OVER 18'S PLEASE!):

Although I still do not think Andie McDowell is a fantastic actress the storyline is a real tear-jerker - go on rent it but buy tissues at the same time.......even better send the men to the pub and watch it with your girl friends.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

I have an award - thanks for my Liebster...

Yah - my first award.  I was really pleased to get a Liebster award from Over The Hill Mum. Here it is:

The award is for us little blog owners with subscribers below 300.  It is a great form of promotion and a lovely way to share some 'blog love'.

Award Rules:

1. Post displaying the award (see above), linking back to the person who awarded you (also above - thanks!)
2. Choose your own blog picks (below) and let them know they’re awarded (sharing my love)
3. Hope everyone discovers some new favourites
4. Revel in the blog love!

The following are receiving my love:

Moaning Mummy

A New Addition  (a lovely lady who just started blogging this week and deserves some love)

Rock and Roll Baby World

Not Met Megan


All have blogs I read - sharing my love.....x

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Movie meme (Week 5) My favourite actor

Can't believe we are at week 5 of Metal Mummys movie meme! This week the theme has been given as your favourite actor.  I hold my hands up and confess that my actors choice is chosen in a shallow and image related way rather than choosing them for how many BAFTA's or awards they have won - so shoot me....

As a teenager I was besotted with the then (in my eyes) muscle hunk Sylvester Stallone. Those arms! Those eyes! Those muscles! He made a young teenage heart beat faster I can tell you! I still cry whenever I see Rocky, in the sequence where he has won his fight and shouts to Aidrian that he loves her - it's not what he says at all, its the music in the background that makes me come over all emotional - big softie me.

Although he may appear monosyllabic, he's a clever chappie having written many of the films he starred in and the initial idea for the Rocky films was written by him in just 3 days. Sly is now in his 60's and sadly overdone it on the surgery (in my opinion) so fickle me has superseded him with Jason Statham (**swoons**)

I first saw that cheeky cockney style smile of Jason Statham in Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels - hated that film but watched it just for him! In the Transporter trilogy I find myself watching him rather than the film, as in a suit he looks gorgeous... Can you see a theme to my favourite actors - muscles, biceps, dark eyes??

I love my men to be men in films and he certainly is all man! He has a gorgeous smile and any man that can do the splits and high kick like that gets my vote.

So I am sorry my choice is not based on their contribution to the film industry, talent and ability for if it had have been it would have gone to Dustin Hoffman. My apologies Mr Hoffman.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Party, party, party - that's the type of girl I am!!

Well so long as it's a Twitter party that is!!
British Mummy Bloggers put a call out to say they were having a  #springcleaning Twitter party on March 10th to be sponsored by Rentokil where BMB members could tweet their spring cleaning tips and be entered into a competition to win a fantastic grand prize of an intensive spring clean for their home by professional cleaners, and 2 runners up  prizes of a basket of cleaning and pest control products -  not something to be sniffed at!

Being a bit of a 'How clean is your House' watcher I thought I would join in the fun and learn some great tips at the same time - not bad for a one hour party. Well the party was fast and furious with fantastic cleaning hints jumping into my Twitter feed every few seconds, I barely had time to read them before the next one - thank goodness for the #springcleaning hash tag so I could go back and read them all! Some of the great idea's from Rentokil included:

Within the hour there were approximately 1350 tweets using the #springcleaning tag, from a total of over 500 contributors.  Amazing!! But even more amazing was that #springcleaning trended TWICE during that hour - go bloggers and tweeters!! Here are just some of the fantastic tips I picked up:

** Vinegar can be used (1 part vinegar – 1 part water) as a disinfectant on countertops, bathrooms and       floors.
**  Use babywipes to clean leather sofas.
**  Use baby oil to make stainless steel (i.e, front of stove) really shiny! 
**  Clean the leaves of plants using a cotton wall ball soaked in milk - you'll be amazed at the dirt and dust it removes (one of my own handy hints I submitted!)

I am proud of have been a part of those figures and I was also one of the top 5 contributors and I think it shows the power of social media sites and also the comradery of British Mummy Blogger members. If you fancy reading any of the submitted hints just use the hash tag #springcleaning on Twitter. And what about those prizes??  Well let's just say I will have a very clean house and be a very happy Mummy Blogger thanks to Bottle PR and Rentokil :-)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Movie meme (week 4) Leonardo Dicaprio

Well this weeks Movie meme is the hardest yet for me! Dear Metal Mummy has asked for blogs about the actor Leonardo Dicaprio and I have to say he is not one of my favourite actors at all and so here goes...

When I think of Leonardo Dicaprio the first vision that springs to my mind is him stood behind Kate Winslet, arms outstretched aboard the ill-fated Titanic.  This was a major film break for him I believe but for me his bad accent was too much and I would rate this as a film I would hate to have to watch again - boo hiss I hear from you all - sorry but it was so cheesy, even though Kate Winslet was, in my opinion great in it.  I have found it hard until recently to take Mr Dicaprio seriously as an actor and his 'never seems to look old enough to play that role' looks don't help either. I steered well clear of The Beach  and Romeo and Juliette left me cold.

However I have to say I did like him in Blood Diamond better and he had definitely been working on his accents for that one- thankfully! I then missed any of his films until Shutter Island which I tried to watch 3 times and fell asleep at various points on all occasions and so in the end managed to see the whole film in 3 different sections - however I think I would have liked to watch it start to finish should Blockbusters not charge such huge late fee fines!!

I am (and probably in the minority here) yet to see Inception, which I have been told by my son is an 'awesome' film - I shall set myself  the target of seeing it sooner rather than later, I am prepared to eat my words on his acting ability to date.

I apologise to all Leonardo Dicaprio fans - It's not personal just my own personal taste - give me Jason Statham any day.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Mothers Day - what this Mother really wants.....

Mothering Sunday is a holiday to honor mothers, falling on the fourth Sunday of Lent. 

Mothering Sunday in the UK is Sunday, April 03, 2011 this year.

My thanks go to Janis at ReallyKidFriendly for inviting me to do this guest blog on her site. The ReallyKidFriendly site is full of fantastic ideas for parents and is filled with suggestions for eating out, shopping, places to go and much more.

I was asked to write about what I think every Mother really wants for Mothers Day so here's my thoughts...

I always really enjoy Mothers Day as I think it is a time not only to be able to thank your own Mother for all she does (although sadly my Mum is no longer with us but I do still think about her on this and many other days) but also for your little angels to perhaps do the same for you. Personally what I REALLY want for Mothers Day is:

* I would REALLY like just a little longer under the duvet before the "Mum"s start, I love you all but sleep is not just for the weak!!

* I would REALLY appreciate a cup of tea in bed (Dads this may mean having to organise this for the smaller angels) Milk no sugar please.

* I love handmade cards more than shop bought ones so I would REALLY like a card for Mothers Day that is from the heart, imagination and pencils of my children. On a side note my husband still draws me a Valentines Card every year and I look forward to it so much.

* I would REALLY love to have a cuddle from my children as actions speak louder than words as they say and who doesn't love a cuddle?

* I would love to spend the day with my family and if you can arrange it, a bunch of flowers and the sun shining would help make it a REALLY special day.

For those of you within travelling distance, we had a lovely family day out yesterday in Llangollen in North Wales.  There are super souvenir shops, tea shops and a great park for the kids as well as the Steam Railway to enjoy and I would certainly recommend a visit. My children loved skateboarding on the ramps at the park and 'middle son' especially loved jumping on the rocks next to the river where in summer we go so they can have a paddle and a swim. There are lots of free attractions so it doesn't have to be an expensive day out either. A good day was had by all.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Listography - Retro Sweets

Oh I saw a great Listography that I just had to join in with - hope you don't mind Wendy!!!

Gone are the days when every shop sold sweets in  jars to be measured out in front of eagerly awaiting, sugar starved children. Charlie s was our local shop where I grew up and the shelves were stacked with row after row of brightly coloured sugary treats peeking out from plastic jars....The noise they made as they fell out into the metal scales is etched on my childhood memory!!

So here are my 5 favourites in no particular order, some of which will definitely show my age:

Texan Bar

Now who doesn't remember this little 70's gem? The advert tag line was 'sure is a mighty chew' to my memory. They did make a short-lived return in 2005 but were smaller sadly - bring them back Nestle!!

Space Dust

My Mum hated me having this as she claimed it made me buzz like a child possessed as did Jaffa things and anything else sugar ladened (Still does if I am honest) Our local Ice Cream van started to sell it so I got banned from him - aged 8 sadly.

Fish and Chips

I used to love white chocolate when I was smaller (not so now strangely) and the fish and chips were a favourite of mine and had a different taste to white mice. Love the 'crisps' of the same era also called Fish and Chips - do you remember them - the packet was made to look like a newspaper wrapper.


 I remember these having a cartoon in the wrapper and that if you were found with 'Bubbly Gum' in my school you were suspended such was the habit of bored, spotty kids leaving blobs of chewed gum stuck under the tables of our comprehensive - nice, not!

and finally....Chocolate Tools

 In the same vein as Fish and Chips these chunky chocolate delights were sold singularly and used to provide a great game of chocolate snap with my friends - so easily pleased us children of the 70's.

Well I have enjoyed my trip down sweet memory lane - now where's those Bon Bons??

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Movie meme (Week 3) Directors

Thanks again to Hannah at Metal Mummy for the theme of this weeks Movie meme.  I am enjoying this!

Harder for me this week with the theme being Directors, as so many great films spring to mind instantly but can you remember the director of them? I can instantly say I am not keen on Quentin Tarantino's movies but a best is harder, but after much thought on great movies I have seen over the years - my favourite is Alfred Hitchcock.

As I mentioned in last weeks meme I was brought up with black & white films and amongst those that stood out in my memory were those of the great Mr Hitchcock. Fantastically dark and full of suspense those films always kept you watching and usually had a twist in the tail just when you thought you had the storyline worked out.

Alfred Hitchcock was actually born in London and earned the nickname 'The Master of Suspense' when it came to his directing.  Who hasn't seen Psycho??

According to the internet Hitchcock directed 67 films in his career including The Birds in 1963, Rebecca in 1940, Rear Window in 1954 (although Johnny Depp did a remake of this in recent years)

The thing I loved about his films, and I am yet to see them all is the twisting storyline that has a way of carrying you along on the journey the Director wants you to go on and then rudely dumps you and changes it all about and sends you in a completely different direction again - not many films or directors can do that these days even with the multi-million pound budgets.  Another part that appeals to me about Hitchcock's films is his cameo appearances in them. Hitchcock made a total of 39 cameo's in his films and this became part of his signature and fans would try and spot him in the films.  He could be buying a newspaper, sitting on a bus or just out for a walk but he is there somewhere!

Check out his full filmography and catch up with some great classic suspense films that keep you guessing to the end.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Little Man spreads his wings!

Just wanted to share a few photo's of our gorgeous new cotbed and mattress we chose after winning a photo competition from Flash Bang Book Ltd.

Little Man at 5 months (that day!) had outgrown his Moses Basket so I was thrilled to win and knew exactly what I would order. Here are the photo's of his new abode....

He looks so small in there but has so much room to stretch out. I am sure being a cotbed we will have many years of use out of it. Thanks so much to Flash Bang Book.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Movie meme (week 2) Black & White

Caught sight of this lovely meme over on Metal Mummys blog and it's all about one of my favourite subjects - films...

Although a  favourite genre is horror films it is only just pipped at the post for first place by the classic black & white films. I was brought up watching them with my Mum who loved them all especially the musicals and some of my most treasured memories of my pre-teen years was snuggled up with my Mum on the sofa watching Judy Garland or Micky Rooney dance or sing away - they always seemed to need to put on a show and they really were the first ever 'High School Musical's' of their day.

My all time favourite film however is from my favourite actress Bette Davis, who was just so fantastic at playing so many different roles and it was hard to choose just one....

NOW VOYAGER (1942) has been choosen for pure romance, fantastic 1940's glamour, excellent storyline and the classic line 'oh Jerry, don't let's ask for the moon - we have the stars!' and just prior to that Jerry puts 2 cigerettes between his lips, lights them both and hands one to her... no such things as government health warnings in those days!! 

Watch the classic scene - oh the romance!!!

For those that haven't seen it then I would recommend it, sit down relax and grab a box of tisuues - that's Hollywood entertainment at his black & white best.