Friday, 2 December 2011

Try not to judge me to harshly but it had to be done....

Yesterday I did something totally selfish, something completely unlike me and alien.  It felt wrong, forbidden and somehow very sinful. It went against how I am and how I have been since having children.

So what could be so bad?  Well try not to judge me but I spent money on MYSELF!!  I know, I know how could I ! I bought myself a new bra as after having lost nearly 3 and a half stone mine are now all too big and it is a big like trying to hold up my poor breasts in a hammock!!

photo credit
Not only that but I bought it after spending 30 minutes, yes 30 MINUTES having a proper bra fitting which meant me conversing with another adult about a subject that did not involve babies, children, nappies or weaning.  Ok Little Man was asleep in his pram in the store with me but I was there for ME!

Now don't get me wrong I didn't gorge on my 30 minutes of 'freedom to be me' and go and buy two whole items of essential lingerie.  I just took it easy and weaned myself into the whole selfish me moment with the one bra, but it felt good and to be honest after the event my boobs look great to.

Although I cannot see me starting a career in the 'Me time' arena it did feel satisfying and liberating in some small way to know I can do it if I want to. Who knows I may even one day make it to get my hair cut (it has been 5 months and I can't really see properly through what was my fringe) or even more extravagant my nails done !