Friday, 2 December 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 31 weigh in

This time of year is so hard for those wanting to lose weight with all those chocolate treats at the tills to the half price biscuits in the supermarkets 

Last night saw the children's school Christmas fair which even had a chocolate tombola let alone cakes for sale.  How can you refuse to buy a treat that your child had lovingly made?!  Luckily I am quite strong when it comes to will power but everyone has their limits!!

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I think, for me, the secret is moderation and motivation.  If I stop myself having anything sweet I will want to gorge myself when it all gets too much - big problem!  Motivation is within yourself so I am in control of that and the fact that this week I tried on and got in a pair of SIZE 14 (!) jeans is motivation all on it's own and I do not want to ruin what I have achieved. I WANT to get down to 11 stone.

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This week I weighed 12 st 13 lbs so I have lost the 1lb I gained last week.  Although I am not having huge weight losses at the moment that is a combination of allowing myself little treats in the run up to Christmas and also I haven't been walking into town as Little Man has been ill.  I am still motivated as it felt good to be able to add another item from my wardrobe that I can now get into - yah!

TOTAL weight loss in 31 weeks: 3 stone 5 lbs... onwards and downwards

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