Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Should it be a life for a life?

This post may offend some people, it is not meant to and I apologise if it does but I feel sick to my stomach.

Today I did something I have not done since I was 6 or 7 years old.  Driving back from dropping the children at school I found myself going "la la la la" at the top of my voice so I did not hear the radio announcer on the car radio.

What would cause a grown woman to act so childishly?  I had heard the headline about a man starting a jail sentence for killing his 3 month old baby and that was all I needed to hear before I felt physically sick.

I cannot imagine ever wishing to hurt a baby.  I cannot comprehend what would make someone go to harm a child of any age let alone a defenceless infant.  I could not bear to hear how or what had happened with the child and I could not find the volume control quick enough so I had no choice but to try and drown out the words filling my car with my own noise.

Having successfully managed to avoid the gruesome details, I had heard the sentence was 7 years and I began to ask myself what is a 'just' sentence for taking another persons life?  Or should it be a life for a life?  It seems it is rare these days that a life sentence in prison really does mean that and many are left serving much less time inside.

I remember as a child, a man that my Dad worked with called Frank who would often say that those who committed a crime against another person and took a life should lose their own life.  These criminals organs be donated to those on the organ donation waiting list and given to those who really needed them and not wasted on someone who took life so frivolously - although this is an extreme view I suppose it is another take on the life for a life suggestion.

Another memory from my younger years was overhearing my Mum say that Myra Hindley could never be released as every Mother in the world would want to find her.  I had no idea at the time who Myra Hindley was but with my knowledge now I can see that her crimes angered my Mother and that she to felt overwhelmed and unable to relate to someone who would hurt and kill a child.

I am so sad that my children will grow up in a world where such people exist and where these crimes are still committed on a too frequent basis and I have to say that I will never think 7 years is enough time to serve for killing a defenceless infant or anyone else.