Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Method in my Christmas madness

I love getting surprises through the post - well who doesn't?!

This surprise came in a brown box requiring thank you but it needs all of the three in my opinion. It comes from my favourite brand of household products EVER and they even do a baby toiletries range and yes I do have some!

With Little Man deciding it would be so much fun to stay awake all night and gurgle happily at the tree lights I was bleary eyed this morning when the postman knocked on the door to say the least. The sight of my surprise box soon woke me up!  So what cheered up my rainy pre-Christmas morning?

Something as everyday as this but when it comes from Method I get all excited. They are my favourite choice for household cleaners and the fact that they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly is the cherry on the top of the cake for me.

My Method pressie
The present was a bottle of washing up liquid or dish soap as they call it, in a Christmas edition and with a cheeky Candy Cane fragrance and although it may seem like nothing to you, to me, as a regular user, it is a top up to my Method addiction!  The handy pump dispenser lid will make sure it lasts well into the New year.

So although this post was not asked for it is my thank you to Method for making my day a little brighter and my dishes brighter still - thank you!