Friday, 2 December 2011

Just in case you have some free time Santa....

This year for one reason or another it has been a terrible year.  I cannot wait until it is over and that hopefully the dawning of 2012 will bring better days.

So this year I thought I would write my own 'Dear Santa...' letter and rather like the one my children compile using the shop catalogues I have decided to put together my own Christmas list, you know just in case you have some free time Santa.

* Santa 3 weeks ago my ceramic hob on my cooker decided to crack, I had insurance on it so I thought I would use my convection microwave instead while I waited for it to be fixed.  I was quoted 10 days for a replacement hob so the microwaving began and just 1/2 day into it the damn thing decided, after 12 years of faultless service, to fall apart and stop working - Sooooo Santa I would love a new convection oven/microwave to replace my departed one or even just a standard microwave if you are busy...

* With my recent weight loss I would love to have more than a couple of items of clothing that fit, not designer brands just a couple of pairs of jeans, a jumper or two and definitely a new coat as mine went through my pregnancy with me and is now out of shape and looking very sorry for itself.  So Mr Claus a nice new coat would be perfect!

* A new car, well not new new but newer than my one that has now done 244000+ miles.  Ok so she is still going but every day the screeching fan belt and squeaking steering wheel grate that little bit more on my already tense psyche and so something I could actually rely on to not break down and get me further than the end of my County would be a real godsend - Mercedes not required just reliable and not a petrol guzzler unlike my current version - thank you!

* A bit more luck and a lot more laughter would go down well this Christmas - my friends must be bored of my woes by now, I know I am!

And finally as this list is a list just for me and my selfish whims perhaps a spa day or even a hair cut and colour would be a dream come true, so Santa I know you are busy but I have been a good girl all year,


Me aged 38 and 1/2 years