Saturday, 31 December 2011

Can you unpack, unfold then refold your stroller in less than 60 seconds?

Oh and does it fit into a backpack?  It doesn't? Well then let you show you the Quicksmart Backpack Stroller

We took the Quicksmart stroller with us on our recent trip to Butlins as it is small and compact and takes up hardly any space in the boot of the car.

So compact it fits into its own backpack
As Little Man, at 14 months, is not a baby that would sit still on a chair to be fed, we also used the pram as a highchair (well you can't take everything with you on holiday!) and with its 5 point harness it was a secure alternative.  It meant that Little Man could be fed as easily there as at home.

Open wide....
The stroller is very lightweight and weighs just 11lbs and is very easy to fold up and down making it perfect for travel use.  It is ready to use in just 4 clicks and having read the instructions (handily printed on the back of the pram itself) it was ready to use very quickly - I found it easier to get used to unfolding than my everyday pram in fact.

Suitable from age 6 months the stroller is a great solution to taking your everyday, and normally bulky, pram on holiday and perfect for when your toddler insists on walking but tires easily but I wouldn't say from a comfort point of view it is suitable as an everyday pram as the seat cannot recline. The seat depth is good and the sun canopy is helpful but doesn't really provide much shade. It also has a handy built in foot rest.

Seat depth was good but the ability to recline would have been helpful

Built in sun canopy
So do you think you can unpack, unfold and then refold your stroller in less than 60 seconds? I can with the Quicksmart Backpack Stroller and here's the prove!

Dimensions: Folded 22.8 inches L x 13inches W x 12.2 inches H                                                             Open    30.5 inches L x 13 inches W x 40.6 inches HThe Quicksmart Backpack Stroller is available in the UK from Mookie