Friday, 25 November 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 30 weigh in

I had to double take that title when I wrote it - 30 weeks!  It certainly doesn't seem very long to lose over 3 stone in but that's exactly what has happened since I started the Slimavite plan.

2 weeks ago I officially had lost all the weight I gained in my pregnancy with Little Man but I want to lose another 2 stone to return to the weight I was when I got married 6 years ago.  My goal is to get back into my wedding dress - not to use it again but merely because I adore it...

This week my weight showed on the scales as 13 stone exactly so this week I gained 1 lb which I am happy with as I had a fantastic meal out courtesy of Next and I thoroughly enjoyed every last mouthful including pudding, not a bit of guilt do I feel as life doesn't stop because I want to lose weight.

TOTAL weight loss in 30 weeks: 3 stone 4 lbs.  Without the offer of another fantastic meal on the cards this forthcoming week it is onwards and downwards....

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