Saturday, 5 November 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 27 weigh in

Little Man is officially 13 months old (where has my baby gone so fast!) and officially when I jumped on the scales this morning and saw them light up in red digits 13 stone 0 lbs I can say I have lost ALL the weight I gained whilst pregnant with him.  I started my pregnancy at 13 stone and that's where I am now - yippee!

My goal though is to reach my target weight of 11 stone which is what I weighed when I got married in 2006 and I think a healthy weight for my 5ft,  4 1/2 inch height and far from wanting to look like a 'lollypop' - I was happy at that weight and felt it suited me.  I want to reach that goal by the end of January - There I have said it now so I have to do it!

The other fantastic thing is that my BMI (Body Mass Index has dropped from obese to overweight - still not great but one hell of an improvement.....another benefit to the Slimavite plan.

TOTAL weight loss in 27 weeks - 3 stone 4 lbs.... 


Start BMI = 37.9
Start BMI

Latest BMI = 30.3
Latest BMI

Target BMI = 29.1
Target BMI


<18- underweight
18-25- normal
26-30- overweight
>30- obese
Onwards and downwards....

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