Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Listography - Top 5 Random things I like

Listography is doing something that I do best - being random!  Kate has simply asked for the Top5 random things I like and that's a good enough suggestion for me.

1) I like to roll Blu-Tack between my fingers until it gets so soft it literally drips... It's true heat it between the fingers for long enough and that is what happens - try it!

2) I like thunder and lightening - and yes I do still count between the bangs and flashes to see how many miles away it is..

3) I like the smell of cigarettes when just lit - not enough to start myself after giving up when pregnant with Tala but I certainly inhale the aroma and then remind myself I don't smoke because I hate the smell of it on your clothes.

4) I like washing clothes! I get a great sense of satisfaction to see it all clean and swaying in the breeze on the washing line - now that verging on weird never mind random!

5) I like to think that everything happens for a reason and although it may not make sense now it will at some point in my life hopefully.

Got a list of 5 random things you would like to share? Link up over at Kate Takes 5 and get random.