Monday, 28 November 2011

Listography - Top 5 cartoon characters from your youth

The lovely Kate has a Listography theme this week that takes me back to days spent in front of just 3 channels (NB to my children - Yes when I was young we ONLY had 3 channels, even Channel 4 didn't happen til I was a teen)

Kate would like to know your 5 favourite cartoon characters from your youth.  There were so many I watched in the time school finished til tea was ready on the table but here's my top 5 in no particular order:

Murun Buchstansangur (approx 1994)

Can you remember this cartoon gem?  It was a most unusual animation, often shown as a gap filler inbetween programs. I don't know why but the name has stuck in my head since I was young and I have fond memories of the title music.


His wings were like a shied of steel!! With his sidekick karate, Batfink was made before I was born but was shown in the 80's again and I loved it.  He heard all sorts of things with his Super Sonic radar ears - Classic!


Another strap line that stays in my head and comes up when I see Topcat is the words "Hey TC" which was said in a drooled american style by Topcat's friend Benny.  The best set of alley cats in the world.

Willow The Wisp

One of the most strangest cartoon I can remember and came on at 5.35pm on BBC1 and I don't remember it making much sense but I loved the voice of Kenneth Williams (from the Carry On films) who did the voiceover.  His narration made it a favourite teatime watch.

Scooby Doo

This was my favourite and I use the strapline myself even now..."And I would have got away with it it if hadn't had been for those meddling (or sometimes pesky was used) kids"

I loved the bats in the opening credits and as I got older realised that they only ever had one set of clothes that they wore every day.  I never liked Scrappy Doo or the cousin that showed up in some episodes and absolutely hate the recent remakes of the films with actors in them - pah you will never be as good as the original!

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