Monday, 28 November 2011

Listography - Top 5 cartoon characters from your youth

The lovely Kate has a Listography theme this week that takes me back to days spent in front of just 3 channels (NB to my children - Yes when I was young we ONLY had 3 channels, even Channel 4 didn't happen til I was a teen)

Kate would like to know your 5 favourite cartoon characters from your youth.  There were so many I watched in the time school finished til tea was ready on the table but here's my top 5 in no particular order:

Murun Buchstansangur (approx 1994)

Can you remember this cartoon gem?  It was a most unusual animation, often shown as a gap filler inbetween programs. I don't know why but the name has stuck in my head since I was young and I have fond memories of the title music.


His wings were like a shied of steel!! With his sidekick karate, Batfink was made before I was born but was shown in the 80's again and I loved it.  He heard all sorts of things with his Super Sonic radar ears - Classic!


Another strap line that stays in my head and comes up when I see Topcat is the words "Hey TC" which was said in a drooled american style by Topcat's friend Benny.  The best set of alley cats in the world.

Willow The Wisp

One of the most strangest cartoon I can remember and came on at 5.35pm on BBC1 and I don't remember it making much sense but I loved the voice of Kenneth Williams (from the Carry On films) who did the voiceover.  His narration made it a favourite teatime watch.

Scooby Doo

This was my favourite and I use the strapline myself even now..."And I would have got away with it it if hadn't had been for those meddling (or sometimes pesky was used) kids"

I loved the bats in the opening credits and as I got older realised that they only ever had one set of clothes that they wore every day.  I never liked Scrappy Doo or the cousin that showed up in some episodes and absolutely hate the recent remakes of the films with actors in them - pah you will never be as good as the original!

Tell us your favourite cartoon characters and link up over on Kates blog here

Friday, 25 November 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 30 weigh in

I had to double take that title when I wrote it - 30 weeks!  It certainly doesn't seem very long to lose over 3 stone in but that's exactly what has happened since I started the Slimavite plan.

2 weeks ago I officially had lost all the weight I gained in my pregnancy with Little Man but I want to lose another 2 stone to return to the weight I was when I got married 6 years ago.  My goal is to get back into my wedding dress - not to use it again but merely because I adore it...

This week my weight showed on the scales as 13 stone exactly so this week I gained 1 lb which I am happy with as I had a fantastic meal out courtesy of Next and I thoroughly enjoyed every last mouthful including pudding, not a bit of guilt do I feel as life doesn't stop because I want to lose weight.

TOTAL weight loss in 30 weeks: 3 stone 4 lbs.  Without the offer of another fantastic meal on the cards this forthcoming week it is onwards and downwards....

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Next Bloggers Event 22nd November 2011

Yesterday was up with the larks for us as were lucky enough to be invited the Bloggers Event at Next Head Office in Leicester.

I was kindly chauffeured by Wendy and son Freddy and with both boys snoring in the back of the car the journey down was very smooth and we arrived on schedule at Nexts impressive Head Office.

Within the offices was Nexts 'Mock Shop' where we were going to be lucky enough to preview the Spring Summer collection for 2012.  The range was all laid out to touch, feel and give our feedback on and I was really pleased that the staff from Next were actually allowing us to give our thoughts on their range.

The girls range was full of lovely yellows and blues with a delightful Peppa Pig jumper that especially caught my (and Little Mans!) eye but I was sad that there was not a boys version.  I loved the fact that Next are launching a unisex baby range with fantastic bright colours and lovely designs.

So here's a sneak peak of what will be in stores later this year for Spring Summer 2012...

I would like to have seen the same bright colours spread into the older boys range but I am told there is some new idea's in the footing so I am keeping my eyes peeled for designs to coincide with the Olympics and other British events happening along with a tribal type design which definitely tempts my quirky fashion tastebuds!!

With a photographer on site, Little Man was also photographed in his chosen Next outfit (A £30 giftcard was supplied for this purpose in advance) and I love the photos....

My photographic expertise is severely lacking in comparison (ok I was using my Blackberry) and my apologies to the photographer for Little Man drawing on his white canvas background during his photo shoot!!!

At this point I would like to say thanks to Chantelle from Next (Little Man seemed to have a soft spot for her) who looked after Little Man whilst I perused the collection and tirelessly followed him whilst he crawled round the mock shop and used the clothes stands as an assault course - he is really crawling at some pace now....

As if these events were not enough, lunch was a fantastic 3 course meal, with childrens entertainment supplied by Jo Jingles.... Little Man happily joined in the percussion with his maraca's

The meal was superb and it was nice to see that Next really did think about the event and make sure we wanted for nothing. I felt very spoiled and thoroughly enjoyed the entire event.  To top it off Little Man received a fantastic Next rucksack with some lovely colouring items and I received a goodie bag and voucher.  I am officially spoiled!

Before we knew it, it was time to leave and say goodbye to our fellow bloggers who it is always a pleasure to catch up with, and set off back home. Freddy and Little Man had enjoyed a busy day and their verdict??  Exhausting but so much fun.....


Friday, 18 November 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 29 weigh in

I didn't do my Slimavite diary update last week as, to be honest, I didn't feel like blogging after the ups and downs of the last few weeks.

I can now update that last week I stayed the same at 13 st 0 lbs even after all my emotional eating.

This week has been a bit brighter and so I was able to actually remember I was on the Slimavite Plan!!  My mind has understandably been elsewhere and so when I got on the scales this week I was happy that I had managed to lose 1 lb  and the newest weight is now 12 stone 13lbs.  Another 1lb lost and it is always a fantastic moment when you see a new number next to the stone.  Seeing 12 stone start my weight for this week is a boost in itself.

I am hoping for the same next week and with thoughts turning to Christmas (isn't every shop just full of it right now!?) I will be looking to perhaps add a recipe or two to my blog updates up til Christmas so I have a new focus and am less likely to feel like indulging in that tin of sweets that's supposed to be for Christmas ;)

TOTAL Weight loss in 29 weeks - 3 st 5 lbs so as every week, onwards and downwards....

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Listography - Top 5 Random things I like

Listography is doing something that I do best - being random!  Kate has simply asked for the Top5 random things I like and that's a good enough suggestion for me.

1) I like to roll Blu-Tack between my fingers until it gets so soft it literally drips... It's true heat it between the fingers for long enough and that is what happens - try it!

2) I like thunder and lightening - and yes I do still count between the bangs and flashes to see how many miles away it is..

3) I like the smell of cigarettes when just lit - not enough to start myself after giving up when pregnant with Tala but I certainly inhale the aroma and then remind myself I don't smoke because I hate the smell of it on your clothes.

4) I like washing clothes! I get a great sense of satisfaction to see it all clean and swaying in the breeze on the washing line - now that verging on weird never mind random!

5) I like to think that everything happens for a reason and although it may not make sense now it will at some point in my life hopefully.

Got a list of 5 random things you would like to share? Link up over at Kate Takes 5 and get random.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I am struggling to believe in the point of having beliefs.

I am struggling.  In the last 4 months 3 close and loved friends have died - to be honest it has thrown me totally. They are people I have known for years, laughed with, cried with, celebrated with and feel have made my life richer for knowing.

I am left questioning how I can believe there is a reason or justification for this.  How do others when faced with the same or similar situation still believe there is a 'higher purpose' or 'God' - does this make me a bad person? Does this lack of faith that has been with me since my Mum and Dad sadly passed away make me terrible or is it just how everyone feels at a time like this?

As both my parents died before I was in my mid twentys, I have spent all of my adult life without a close family unit ( I have 3 siblings but due to circumstances in the past only really speak to 1) and my friends are my 'family'.  I value my friendships and although at times I may not speak every fortnight or every week, I do feel I can call them at any time, as they could with me, and speak as though we had spoken just the day before.  This is in my eyes priceless and what friendship is about.

God or belief does not come into my friendships or any of my day to day encounters and I like it this way - I do not have the desire required to believe in them and respect those that do especially if they in return respect my non-beliefs.

Death has left me angry, frustrated, helpless and devastated and I feel useless to help knit together the gap left by my loss - this feels selfish but in my raw state it is my honest feeling. I do not feel they have gone to a better place and I wish I could.  Right now I am struggling.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Look Mum no hands!

Not only had 'The Boy' borrowed my remote control (what is the fixation with babies to have YOUR keys, mobile phone or remote control?!) but he has pulled all the nappy sacks out and then to top it all decided he was going to try it all hands free!!

The hand movement is so fast is blurs but the intention is clear.  I sense a new song in my head.... "There may be trouble ahead"...


Silent Sunday

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 27 weigh in

Little Man is officially 13 months old (where has my baby gone so fast!) and officially when I jumped on the scales this morning and saw them light up in red digits 13 stone 0 lbs I can say I have lost ALL the weight I gained whilst pregnant with him.  I started my pregnancy at 13 stone and that's where I am now - yippee!

My goal though is to reach my target weight of 11 stone which is what I weighed when I got married in 2006 and I think a healthy weight for my 5ft,  4 1/2 inch height and far from wanting to look like a 'lollypop' - I was happy at that weight and felt it suited me.  I want to reach that goal by the end of January - There I have said it now so I have to do it!

The other fantastic thing is that my BMI (Body Mass Index has dropped from obese to overweight - still not great but one hell of an improvement.....another benefit to the Slimavite plan.

TOTAL weight loss in 27 weeks - 3 stone 4 lbs.... 


Start BMI = 37.9
Start BMI

Latest BMI = 30.3
Latest BMI

Target BMI = 29.1
Target BMI


<18- underweight
18-25- normal
26-30- overweight
>30- obese
Onwards and downwards....

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