Thursday, 27 October 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 26 weigh in

Last week saw me being able to boast "I have lost over 3 stone on the Slimavite plan" and that felt great I can tell you!

I have to admit before starting the Slimavite shakes I was sceptical whether or not they would be affective, but now 26 weeks later and 3 stone lighter I have to say I can't be so sceptical any more.  Although I have lost weight before after my previous pregnancies this was through having to go each week and get weighed as part of a slimmers club which I didn't really enjoy.  The Slimavite Plan is something I can do at home and better still weigh myself at home!

The plan lets me feel in control and that has been a big plus for me.

Today I jumped on the scales and those digital numbers came up with 13 stone 1 lb, so that's another 2 lb loss for me this week and all a great step towards my goal weight of 11 stone.  I am well over halfway to that goal now.

Total weight loss in 26 weeks: 3 stone 3 lbs... onwards and downwards....

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