Thursday, 13 October 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 24 weigh in

Just to recap on my journey so far.  I have been following the Slimavite Bite Plan for 24 weeks and up to last week I had lost a total of 2st and 12 lbs from a starting weight of 16 stone 4lbs.

I feel better for losing the weight I put on during my pregnancy and I am getting back into my pre-Little Man clothes which is great for my motivation.

The other great thing is that people are noticing!!  I have had some lovely comments and that is a boost.  I want to get down to 11 stone which is where I was weight wise 5 years ago. Once I hit 30 the weight seemed to creep on and on and then my pregnancy was the cherry on the cake so to speak.

I was before my pregnancy 13 stone and 1 lb and I am so close to being back to that now but would like to go the 2 stone further.

This week I weighed in at 13st and 5lbs - a 1lb weight loss this week but that allusive 3 stone loss is avoiding me by just 1 lb now.  I will get there for next weeks weigh in.

Total weight loss in 24 weeks: 2 stone  13lbs

Onwards and downwards......

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