Friday, 14 October 2011

Flashback Friday

I popped over to Cafe Bebe Flashback Friday today and it started my mind going back over the last year.

With Halloween (my favourite celebration) coming up, I was thinking back to last year when Little Man would have been just a few weeks old, but certainly not too young for dressing up.

I love all things fiendish, horror and Halloween so I was spoilt for choice in the shops when it came to baby grows and costumes.  So much so that Little Man had several for just the one day, although I will happily dress him in a outfit with a pumpkin or bat on any time of the year.

So for my Flashback friday I am turning the clock back 1 year to October 2010 .....

I love these. They live in his memory box now
Not quite focussing yet but taking in the world
Halloween outfit 1 !!
Halloween outfit 2 had cute wings under the arms...

and lastly outfit 3 ...
As my blog was yet to start last October it is nice to have the chance to add these photo's in. Bloggomy began a few weeks after these photo's were taken and was started as a way of recording Little Mans journey as he grows.  So much changes in just 365 short days!

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