Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Boy has a pet name!

I am one of these Mothers that calls my children just about everything except their names.  No not to confuse but merely as a term of endearment.

It has been no different with Little Man.  Starting off when he was born as 'Mr Snuggles' as he loved to have a blanket against his face and snuggle it.  This name stayed also when he started to wake so he could some into Mum Mums and Dad Dads bed and snuggle between us.

Other names have been 'Little Man' 'The Bubbers' 'The Baby' 'Handsome' and currently it is 'The Boy'.  I am not sure why he didn't beome a 'Tiny Ball of Coconut fluffer' like his brother and sister - it just didn't seem to fit him somehow.  The rest of the family also call him the same names and know exactly what I mean when I refer to them.  I also find myself referring to myself as 'Mum Mums'

As he grows I am sure his pet names will change.  It is not cool to be called 'The Bubbers' when starting school or more so at 12 in front of your friends!

For now 'Handsome' 'The Boy' shall be just that - that is until I find something else....

I am interested - did you call your children pet names or am I the only strange Mother to do this??