Saturday, 29 October 2011

Silent Sunday

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 26 weigh in

Last week saw me being able to boast "I have lost over 3 stone on the Slimavite plan" and that felt great I can tell you!

I have to admit before starting the Slimavite shakes I was sceptical whether or not they would be affective, but now 26 weeks later and 3 stone lighter I have to say I can't be so sceptical any more.  Although I have lost weight before after my previous pregnancies this was through having to go each week and get weighed as part of a slimmers club which I didn't really enjoy.  The Slimavite Plan is something I can do at home and better still weigh myself at home!

The plan lets me feel in control and that has been a big plus for me.

Today I jumped on the scales and those digital numbers came up with 13 stone 1 lb, so that's another 2 lb loss for me this week and all a great step towards my goal weight of 11 stone.  I am well over halfway to that goal now.

Total weight loss in 26 weeks: 3 stone 3 lbs... onwards and downwards....

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Are you ready for Disney Universe?

Tomorrow sees the launch of Disney Universe - where you can play games and solve challenges in 6 different Disney Worlds in a action packed adventure video game.

Suitable for 1 - 4 players you can mix different characters into different Disney Worlds and dress as one of more than 40 characters from your Disney favourites such as Jack Sparrow or the loveable Sulley from Monsters Inc.

Play as one of Disneys favourite characters
My middle children (aged 10 and 12) LOVED IT! They had great fun playing as other characters and being able to unlock new outfits to be able to play as more characters.

They found the Aladdin world quite demanding and their favourite world was Alice in Wonderland and they were glued to the game (which we trialled on Xbox 360) for hours.  It is also available from tomorrow on PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and as a digital download for your PC.  RRP is approx £32.99

My eldest son said it reminded his of Little Big Planet in its format which is a game he really enjoys.

The game is aimed at players aged 7 - 12 and I really liked the fact that you could multi play as up to 4 characters at a time giving the children the ability to help each other play and solve the puzzles rather than just play against each other as is normal with a lot of games

Are you up to the Disney Universe challenge - we were!

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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 25 weigh in

So week 25 is here (I started the Slimavite plan in May) and I am yet to find that allusive pound or two that will allow me to say I have lost 3 stone since I started using the Slimavite shakes and Bite Plan.

When I was just 1lb away last week I made sure I tried hard this week and made the extra effort to walk to the shops not take the car.  The weather has been lovely and Little Man really enjoys going out on the pram.

This week when I weighed in I weighed 13st 3lbs - Yah! That's a 2 lb loss for me this week.

TOTAL weight loss in 25 weeks - 3 stones 1 lb as always onwards and downwards.....

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Silent Sunday

Friday, 14 October 2011

Flashback Friday

I popped over to Cafe Bebe Flashback Friday today and it started my mind going back over the last year.

With Halloween (my favourite celebration) coming up, I was thinking back to last year when Little Man would have been just a few weeks old, but certainly not too young for dressing up.

I love all things fiendish, horror and Halloween so I was spoilt for choice in the shops when it came to baby grows and costumes.  So much so that Little Man had several for just the one day, although I will happily dress him in a outfit with a pumpkin or bat on any time of the year.

So for my Flashback friday I am turning the clock back 1 year to October 2010 .....

I love these. They live in his memory box now
Not quite focussing yet but taking in the world
Halloween outfit 1 !!
Halloween outfit 2 had cute wings under the arms...

and lastly outfit 3 ...
As my blog was yet to start last October it is nice to have the chance to add these photo's in. Bloggomy began a few weeks after these photo's were taken and was started as a way of recording Little Mans journey as he grows.  So much changes in just 365 short days!

Do you have a Flashback Friday?  Head over to Cafe Bebe and share yours.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 24 weigh in

Just to recap on my journey so far.  I have been following the Slimavite Bite Plan for 24 weeks and up to last week I had lost a total of 2st and 12 lbs from a starting weight of 16 stone 4lbs.

I feel better for losing the weight I put on during my pregnancy and I am getting back into my pre-Little Man clothes which is great for my motivation.

The other great thing is that people are noticing!!  I have had some lovely comments and that is a boost.  I want to get down to 11 stone which is where I was weight wise 5 years ago. Once I hit 30 the weight seemed to creep on and on and then my pregnancy was the cherry on the cake so to speak.

I was before my pregnancy 13 stone and 1 lb and I am so close to being back to that now but would like to go the 2 stone further.

This week I weighed in at 13st and 5lbs - a 1lb weight loss this week but that allusive 3 stone loss is avoiding me by just 1 lb now.  I will get there for next weeks weigh in.

Total weight loss in 24 weeks: 2 stone  13lbs

Onwards and downwards......

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Boy has a pet name!

I am one of these Mothers that calls my children just about everything except their names.  No not to confuse but merely as a term of endearment.

It has been no different with Little Man.  Starting off when he was born as 'Mr Snuggles' as he loved to have a blanket against his face and snuggle it.  This name stayed also when he started to wake so he could some into Mum Mums and Dad Dads bed and snuggle between us.

Other names have been 'Little Man' 'The Bubbers' 'The Baby' 'Handsome' and currently it is 'The Boy'.  I am not sure why he didn't beome a 'Tiny Ball of Coconut fluffer' like his brother and sister - it just didn't seem to fit him somehow.  The rest of the family also call him the same names and know exactly what I mean when I refer to them.  I also find myself referring to myself as 'Mum Mums'

As he grows I am sure his pet names will change.  It is not cool to be called 'The Bubbers' when starting school or more so at 12 in front of your friends!

For now 'Handsome' 'The Boy' shall be just that - that is until I find something else....

I am interested - did you call your children pet names or am I the only strange Mother to do this??


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 23 weigh in

Well as you may have read on the blog last Friday I headed down to the Big Smoke to attend the Mad Blog Awards as a finalist in the Best Baby Blog category.

I was given a stunning outfit by Simply Be for the occasion and I was thrilled to get some lovely comments about my weight loss during the evening. I can even start to see it myself on my face (I do think we are can be the last to see our weight loss achievements)

Add to the wine and nibbles I consumed during my weekend and then having Tala's first birthday on Tuesday I was far from thinking about my plan this week although I did make sure to have a Slimavite shake as much as I could to make up for all the other bits that I should not have been eating.

This week I jumped on the scales and..... had stayed the same at 13st 6lbs.  Yah! I was worried I may have overindulged and gained some weight but luckily that was not the case.  No events planned for this week so looking forward to a loss next week.... onwards and downwards!

Total weight loss in 23 weeks 2 st 12 lbs

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Silent Sunday

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

MAD Blog awards 2011....

Well Friday saw the awards ceremony for the MAD Blog Awards and I was proud to be a finalist in the Best Baby Blog Category along with 4 other great blogs.

I wore an outfit from Simply Be and I have to say I felt really happy with my look (makeup was courtesy of the lovely Doing it all for Aleyna as I loved hers so much!)

My category was up first and I sat alongside the gorgeous Jennie from Edspire who was also in my category. Although we didn't win (I never for one moment thought I would if I am honest) it was a pleasure to finally meet Jennie in person - she was as lovely as she appears on Twitter.

Claire and Jennie
I was really pleased when Claire from A Boy with Aspergers was announced as the winner in the most inspirational category and as she was sat next to me at the time it was evident out amazed she was to hear her name - well done lovely!

and the winner is....

I enjoyed the rest of the evening that was spent getting to know fellow bloggers, enjoying lovely nibbles and indulging in the odd glass of wine and not forgetting the karaoke .

Super Amazing Mum
After the event a few of us ladies grabbed a cab and headed of into London for a few drinks.  We sat outside (in short sleeves as September became October) enjoying the warm weather and good company before we headed for some sleep (ok ok S.A.M and I sat talking and drinking til 4am)

For the return to home I ended up juggling a closure on the tube and braving them alone with a part closure and sudden change in route but I did it, finding myself running down the platform to my awaiting train home.  I travelled there and home with the lovely Heather and I was so glad to plonk myself next to her on the train after convincing myself I was going to miss it.

All in all a great night spent with some truly lovely people.

The beautiful @sew_pretty