Thursday, 29 September 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 22 weigh in

Well last week was unsettled as far as my diet plan went and I sadly had a 2lb addition to my weight when jumping on the scales.

This was not because of the Slimavite Bite plan but because with the children back to school I over did it with meeting friends for coffee (ok and pastries/cake) along with a rogue packet or 2 of Festive Friends!

This week has been different, saying no to cake and jumping back on plan.  Tomorrow is the MAD Blog Awards and I have been allowed to wear a gorgeous dress from Simply Be so I was happy to weigh in this morning at 13st 6lbs which is a 1lb loss for me this week and shows last week was a small blip.  The Slimavite Bite Plan is so easy to follow that I was soon back to it.

Total weight loss in 22 weeks : 2 stone  12 lbs

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