Sunday, 25 September 2011

Listography - Top 5 celebrities I would like to go for a beer with...

*Holds hands up* I am far from a celebrity lover - not even stopping at the magazine counter to flick the pages of a magazine oohhing and ahhing at the latest fashion faux pas or affairs of the rich and the famous.

I do however have a few that I would like to meet so as Kate's Listography choice this week is Top 5 celebs I would like to go for a beer with though..

Janet Street Porter

I have always admired JSP for her ability to express herself and to not really give a damn about what people think.  I know people don't always like this quality in a person but I have to say I would really like to go for a beer with her.  I love her no nonsense approach to life and this was made even more so when I was bought her book 'Life's too f***king short' are a present - fantastic read! Go Janet!

Lord Sugar

He fascinates me and I have a small strange 'older man crush' on him.  Not sure if its the power or him but hell would like to find out over a beer or two.

Another no nonsense talker... hhhmmm I must have an attraction for it.

Jordan, Katie Price

Just so I can tell her to her face that I do not care what she is wearing, reading, writing, sleeping with or just looking at.  Come on lady buy me a beer and put down the media love/hate manipulation thing for 5 minutes and chill.  I am not convinced we would have anything in common but it would be a challenge to sit and chat to say the least.

Jake Gyllenhaal

I need not explain why!!!!! I would even pay for the beer!

Angelina Jolie

As close to a girl crush as I could imagine.  Would love to see what she is like in 'real life' and talk about kids and things.  She seems a genuine sort of soul (in a celebrity type way)

Got 5 celebs you would like to share a beer with... join in with the Listography and share them with us.....