Thursday, 29 September 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 22 weigh in

Well last week was unsettled as far as my diet plan went and I sadly had a 2lb addition to my weight when jumping on the scales.

This was not because of the Slimavite Bite plan but because with the children back to school I over did it with meeting friends for coffee (ok and pastries/cake) along with a rogue packet or 2 of Festive Friends!

This week has been different, saying no to cake and jumping back on plan.  Tomorrow is the MAD Blog Awards and I have been allowed to wear a gorgeous dress from Simply Be so I was happy to weigh in this morning at 13st 6lbs which is a 1lb loss for me this week and shows last week was a small blip.  The Slimavite Bite Plan is so easy to follow that I was soon back to it.

Total weight loss in 22 weeks : 2 stone  12 lbs

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Listography - Top 5 celebrities I would like to go for a beer with...

*Holds hands up* I am far from a celebrity lover - not even stopping at the magazine counter to flick the pages of a magazine oohhing and ahhing at the latest fashion faux pas or affairs of the rich and the famous.

I do however have a few that I would like to meet so as Kate's Listography choice this week is Top 5 celebs I would like to go for a beer with though..

Janet Street Porter

I have always admired JSP for her ability to express herself and to not really give a damn about what people think.  I know people don't always like this quality in a person but I have to say I would really like to go for a beer with her.  I love her no nonsense approach to life and this was made even more so when I was bought her book 'Life's too f***king short' are a present - fantastic read! Go Janet!

Lord Sugar

He fascinates me and I have a small strange 'older man crush' on him.  Not sure if its the power or him but hell would like to find out over a beer or two.

Another no nonsense talker... hhhmmm I must have an attraction for it.

Jordan, Katie Price

Just so I can tell her to her face that I do not care what she is wearing, reading, writing, sleeping with or just looking at.  Come on lady buy me a beer and put down the media love/hate manipulation thing for 5 minutes and chill.  I am not convinced we would have anything in common but it would be a challenge to sit and chat to say the least.

Jake Gyllenhaal

I need not explain why!!!!! I would even pay for the beer!

Angelina Jolie

As close to a girl crush as I could imagine.  Would love to see what she is like in 'real life' and talk about kids and things.  She seems a genuine sort of soul (in a celebrity type way)

Got 5 celebs you would like to share a beer with... join in with the Listography and share them with us.....


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 21 weigh in

Well the kids are back at school and I didn't manage to gain any weight during the Summer holidays - phew!

I think I got a little complacent this week though and indulged on the silly things.  Festive Friends biscuits (on offer in the shop so you buy them for Christmas now and of course eat them and have to buy them again - well done to me for doing exactly that!!) was my downfall this week.

Although I have lost every week bar one on the Slimavite plan (one week I stayed the same) this week I weighed 13st 7lbs so a 2lb gain for me this week sadly.

Next Friday is the awards ceremony for the MAD Blog Awards of which I am a finalist in the Best Baby Blog category so I need to be sure I stick rigidly to the plan this coming week so I can indulge a little on the night.

MAD Blog Awards 2011

Total weight loss in 21 weeks - 2st 11lbs just 4lbs off having lost 3 stone - onwards and downwards!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 19 weigh in

So last week I had a fabulous 4lb weight loss, which at 18 weeks into the Slimavite plan was amazing (even if I do say so myself!)  When I have lost weight after previous pregnancies I find I have big losses to start with then they tend to slow up to between 1 - 2lbs per week which is a healthy steady loss pattern so you can see why I was thrilled.

This week I weighed in at 13st and 6lbs which is a 1lb loss so I am happy as every lb is a lb lighter.

Total weight loss to date: 2st 12lbs in 19 weeks - onwards and downwards.......

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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 18 weigh in

I can't believe I am 18 weeks into my Slimavite diet plan.  It has flown by and I am still not fed up off the shakes which I thought I would have been by now if I am honest.

I am still sticking to a Slimavite shake for breakfast and lunch and then a meal of around 600 calories in the evening.  The more I follow the plan the more it becomes second nature which will be helpful for when I reach my target weight and 'go it alone' without the shakes.

Last week I weighed 13stone 11 lbs and this morning I weighed 13stone 7 lbs so I am really pleased to have a 4lb weight loss this week.

Today I even got into a pre-pregnancy pair of jeans which was a real boost for me.  Onwards and downwards!

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