Thursday, 11 August 2011

A new passion ... photography

Since having Little Man I have found a new passion that has taken over my everyday life - photography!

I never knew that I would get such pleasure out of the click of a button and in that instant have the ability to freeze a moment in time forever.  It is my personal time machine allowing me to return to an exact event and remember a time I may have otherwise forgotton.

Nowadays we tend not to print out our photo's and, like me, I am sure most people have huge amounts on their PCs or on disc but not very many out in picture frames.  A great way to show of photos is to have them made into a canvas and I was offered just that by Canvas Dezign.  I chose a recent photo of Little Man enjoying his first feel of sand between his toes....

I choose a 20" by 16" size (£30.00 less any P & P charges) and awaited the result.  Now  I do not have a state of the art camera (I really must get a decent camera when funds allow!) and 95% of my photo's are taken on my Blackberry, as was the case with the above photo, so I was intrigued to see how a snapshot taken on my mobile would  look when blown up on to a canvas of that size. Canvas Dezign recommend that for smaller canvasses your image needs to be at least 250KB and for larger sizes at least 500KB.

My canvas arrived and I was impressed by the care taken over the packaging,  with both bubble wrap and  layers of corrugated cardboard.  The sizing of the canvas was exactly as described and came complete with wall fixings.  The canvas was neatly secured to the frame and I have to say I was very happy with how the image turned out....not bad for a mobile phone image!

Up on the wall...
The Canvas Dezign website is easy to navigate and uploading images is easy.  There is also a handy FAQ page should you need further information.  Canvas Dezign also sell a range of other products and wall art.