Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Listography - childrens films

I haven't done Kate's Listography in ages so let's change that now.  I am someone who loves lists so this meme is a pleasure....the theme this week is childrens film and with so many on offer these days listing just 5 will be tough.

In no particular order, first on the list for me is Greyfriars Bobby (1961) I love older films and I have very fond memories of watching this film with my Mum when I was small and remember her crying at it - wasn't til I was older that I understood why.

It is a heart warming story of 'Bobby' a Highland Terrier that after his owner dies is determined to sit and guard his grave - much to the cemetary caretakers annoyance.  The antics of the small dog were based on a true story that my scottish Mother recalled being told as a child herself in Edinburgh.  If you haven't seen it is worth watching but the later remakes are really not as good as the original.

Next on my list is Finding Nemo.  We have worn out 3 copies of this film in our house and I know all the words but it is still a winner!

Another film that I never tire of is the fantastic Monsters, Inc. again 2 copies bought and worn out and yes I know all the words to this one to but I love the characters and the animation and could watch it for that alone.  The fur on Sully looks so real and it is hard to believe it is a computer animation.  I also love that there is no Monster Inc 2 although sadly I believe a prequal is coming out in 2013.  I do hope that it is a good as the first as so many follow up films are a real dissapointment.  Go Mike Wazowski!!

A non-animated film next and that is The Pacifier. Ok I admit Vin Diesel looks great in it and that I love a man that gets left to look after children but after seeing so many 'hard man' films with him in The Pacifier is a great combination of childrens film and a chance to check out Vin (yes shallow but hey ho!)

Right so that's nearly 5 on my Listograpghy list so last is The Wizard of Oz.  This is another film that I have fond childhood memories of.  We would watch it every Christmas and every year I used to say to my Mum "Why is it in black and white?" as I always seemed to forget it changes shortly into the film.  What's not to love about this film?  It is entertaining, colourful (in the end!) and at times dark and scary. The music that is played when the lady on the bicycle is in shot stays with me for life!  My daughter also loves this film and I sneak in when she is watching and curl up on the bed next to her and we share the movie as I did with my Mum.

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