Thursday, 21 July 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 12 weigh in...

Well last weeks good resolve was brought down by cravings for takeaways and because of this for the first time since starting the Slimavite Plan I did not lose weight, although I stayed the same weight at 14st 5lbs.

As part of the ongoing online Slimavite plan each 'Slimavitee' has a special Members Only area that is accessed by password.  This area contains graphical and numerical displays of how your plan has gone to date and can be very motivating.  Each week I update my own personal weight chart so I have an online reference to all my weight loss to date.  My chart looks like this today:

I am losing weight on the Slimavite plan quicker than was predicted and this is shown by the green dots - any time I need to remind myself of my achievements so far I can just log on.

So after last weeks stable weight I really put my all in to staying on track with 2 replacement shakes and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as an evening meal of around 600 calories. 

This morning I weighed 14 st and 2lbs.  So this week I have lost 3lbs!!  I am very pleased and every step is a step closer to my weight goal of 12 stone.

Total time on plan - 12 weeks
Weight loss so far - 2 st 2 lbs