Monday, 11 July 2011

West Midlands Safari Park - our thoughts.

With the Summer Holidays looming and the inevitable chorus of "Can we go to....." echoing in parents ears I thought I would show you exactly what West Midland Safari Park in Worcestershire has to offer.  The park is open daily from 10am til 5pm (last admission is 4pm)

I visited recently (after receiving 2 complimentary tickets from the park)  and spent an enjoyable and very warm day driving round the Safari Trail looking at the vast variety of animals on show.

From the braver animals that come right up to your car

To lions basking in the sun (I wouldn't like to get as close as that car!)

From the small but exceptionally fast...

To the enormous but slower....

The Safari Trial is an in car trip through a 4 mile, 100 acre safari that showcases hundreds of animals, all visible from your own car seat.  The safari took us approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours as it was a hot day and there were lots of cars.  I was thankful that I drive an automatic at times as I think the stops and starts would have taken their toll on my knees otherwise.

Once we had seen the animals we stopped and parked so we could see the rest of the park on foot. Parking was easy and there were staff on hand to show you where to park.

There were several places to eat (we took our own food) but I have to say the baby changing facilities (in the disabled toilet!) were awful for such a large establishment.  I took Little Man into it in his pram and once the door was closed and the plastic changing unit was down there was barely enough space to stand to change a nappy and nowhere to put the changing bag or your own handbag that wasn't on the floor, on the toilet or in the sink!  I was not impressed by this and as there was only 1 changing facility (that I could see) there was quite a queue.  I really do think this needs to be looked at...

Little Man changed and we headed off to the rides.  I am a lover of fast rides and so I really wanted to go on the Black Fly which is a super fast ride at the park.

I liked the fact that you could either buy a  rides wristband that gave you access to all rides (height restrictions apply) or if you just wanted to go on one or two you could buy individual tickets, although I have to say the wristband does work out cheaper.  The ride didn't let me down and was as good as I remembered it from years before. There was barely any queue either.

As well as the Black Fly there were several other rides (see link for listings) and the usual 'try your luck' games which I really like although again these can be expensive as they are not included in the wristband or admission.  Middle Son won a rather fetching parrot on the racehorse racing game.  

There is a good mix of rides to suit toddlers to teens and also a seal Lion show, animal encounter area and a small bat cave that you can walk through.  It is worthwhile checking your map and show times leaflet as you go as there are many talks and shows throughout the day and you are best to plan ahead so you don't miss any.

We had a great day (abet the changing facility!) and I would definitely go again.  So could you as with every paying visitor you get a free return ticket - now that's a fantastic offer!  Check the West Midland Safari Park  website for any other offers and enjoy your visit...

West Midland Safari Park:
OPEN: 10am-5pm daily
from 19th February.
(Last admission 4pm).
Under 3’s: FREE
Children: £11.99*
Adults: £13.99*
Concessions: £12.99*
*Also Includes Free Return Ticket! Rides wristband payable