Thursday, 30 June 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 9 weigh Cybermummy!

Today has been the first time I have not looked forward to jumping on the scales and seeing the digital display glaring back at me - why?

Well as you may know I attended Cybermummy at the weekend and so being away from home did not make it easy to plan my meals or stick to any routine.  I was tempted (and gave in!) to the delights in my car share hamper and although the crisps and chocolate were delicious I knew it may do me no favours at the scales but I did it anyway.  I also enjoyed a meal out with fellow bloggers enjoying a pizza along the way...
A rare meal out
In my opinion life does not and should not stop just because you are trying to lose weight and the Slimavite plan is flexible in that it has a Synbites section (Certain foods are called Synbites because they don't provide much in the way of valuable nutrients, although they do provide lots of calories!) This way you can make an informed choice just how much you want that cake....

Synbites help you make informed choices
Anyway the weigh in today was 14 st 7lbs so a 1lb loss - I am very happy with that for all the reasons above.  I made sure I started the plan as soon as I was home and didn't lose motivation just because I had meandered from my diet plan.  In 9 weeks I have lost 1 st and 11 lbs and will hopefully next week see my loss hit the 2 stone mark.

On a side note the main reason it was hard to have my Slimavite shakes was that I had no access to the milk needed to make them.  If there was a pre-made, ready to drink, carton of Slimavite shake that would really save the day in these situations.